Ceto (Currently working out Bukkit Issues)

  • (I would like to thank Feanturi for featuring this server on the IndustrialCraft - Wiki )
    (Have our own forum now! http://cetoserver.forumotion.com )

    We are currently working on moving the server to another computer. We are having TCP stack overflows with bukkit causing many end.of.stream errors. We're working on getting everything up and running and unfortunately have no ETA.

    And so it begins...

    Ceto a land where massive amounts of rain wash over the worlds surface. It's speculated that there has not been a three day period without rain in it's recorded history (It rains... A LOT). Shrouded in mystery and intrigue to all but the bravest souls (White-List)! Those who settle there learn to quickly respect the law of the land (PVP is enabled), yet the gods are fond of punishing those who revel in mindless slaughter. The lush landscape abundant with its own dangers (Mobs).

  • Game Name: Adenia
    Age: 26
    I'd like to play on the server because I'm partial to the name reference and it sounds like an awesome world I'd like to explore.

  • -.- Stupid reset button

    Ok, again... My IGN is frenchiveruti, i'm like a lover of IC2, BuildCraft (2.3.3) and RedPower (Even if he doesn't make nice stuff with the world generator). I'll like to join the server because i've seen it today in the Wiki and i sayed "Let's try something new", i loved the mods that the server need and THANKS A LOT for make me discover the new ones like Ropes+ and Tele Tubes (NOT Tele-tubbies). I'm 16 years old, but i'm kinda 18 (Because i'm tall xP). My last SSP creation was a ENORMOUS House with all fully automated sistems (and lots of Solar Panels) but now... well, is kinda boring xD.
    Why i wanna join the server? Because i love IC2 and SMP!! and i make strange and cool stuff.

  • Whitelist updated for you Frenchiveruti! If you have any problems getting the mods to work with HD Texture pack just let me know and I can guide you along.

    Please note the server is using Buildcraft 2.2.5

  • Game Name: Tarolrr
    Age: 21
    I started playing minecraft over a year ago and yet i've not played on non local server. I was trying to find server with mod pack that i want, and i think this server is ideal. I think it will be awesome to play here!

  • Whitelist updated for you Tarolrr!

    If you have any trouble with the mods just let me know and hopefully we can get things running smoothly.

  • I would love to be part of the server, I am quite experienced with the mods included. And I would love to build these things on a server. I also sent you a PM about a modpack I could make

  • (Game Name, Age, Why would you like to play on this server?)
    IGN: bowboy686
    AGE: 14
    REASON: I would love to play on this server for multiple reasons. one reasons is that the server that im in now keeps crashing and im getting angry. two there is pvp enabled and GUNS! finally i think that its better with buildcraft (last server had rp) :) :) :) :) :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

  • Sent you a PM, should be able to get this resolved, making an auto installer as we speak... probably wont have it finished till tonight but Im sure I can get you going in twenty minutes or less

    unless you're using linux, someone is working on a tweak for that