Suggestion: Substation

  • hi ic-mates,

    first, i wanted to post this not bevor im satisfied with it... but ic is stopped and i stopped working on them, becouse the pistons made all so easy and smal, that i would build a new one.

    To the facs:
    8 inputs (no eu limit, but 3 inputs are reseved)- 8 outputs (every can carry 8000eu/frame - a little bit oversized)
    4 substation connection (this mean 4 more inputs and 4 more outputs with with limited options)

    you can direct every of the 8 inputs to 4 intern lines and the 4 intern lines can power different things:
    - 4096 EU/f battery, which needs one of the inputs
    - 16000EU/f spliter, which needs 2 of the inputs (oversized too)
    - 3 different outputs: 2x4 outputs, they can share the same intern line and a 4x output, but this can only supply one of the 4 outputs

    Of course, the outputs only split the EU as less as possible, but to not overzise (this time i mean the room, they need) the things, i acceptet a bad behavior: on 3 activated outputs, 1 gets 50% of the EU and the other 2 gets 25% of the EU.

    There is a reddust-logic, that prevents the battery to charge itself. if you realy want to discharge the battery, you have to use the splitter. And there is a map in it to show you, where the things are. There is nothing, i want to say about the control, becouse you realy dont want to read that :)

    ehm, yes, like i said bevor, im not realy proud of that, becouse there are so much things, that i could do better e.g.: there is no remote control or a Primary/Secondary splitter or a light from luminators and so on. It is still not labeled at all consoles, and its to big and there is no good lighting to prevent mob to spawn in this building. sAnd it is fully useles, when u think about the time to control or even only learn how to control this thing. BUT ITS INDUSTRIAL PUNK!!!!!! :)