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    So since you have to rewrite, i have one ideia for you. Remove the lovers of the 9 Chapter.
    If there is going to be a romance you could write Ardan in love with other people, like Cyra.

    I think that he didn't like of that pair, Ardan and Srazih.
    If the Chapter II is finished, why do you torture me, only releasing one part per day? :(

    It's going very nice the story.
    In the last chapther it says that the twelve most powerfuls Demons/Angels form a council in each kingdom and the most powerful is the "King", aside from that, do there is a ranking depending from power?

    Why there are so few people that read your story?
    I think that you write very well, aside from the grammatical errors.

    But you should...
    If you used RPG Maker, i think you could do wonders with it, and your story is very good.

    think i see where you are going but i have seen something similar and alblaka said that you could use buildcraft instead. it would be nice though. :S

    But ic is much better and it's industrial craft and i don't see any industry.
    And buildcraft works with ic?

    Well what about have factory in industrial craft?
    We have power generator ,advanced armor and other thing but no way to truly build a automatized factory.I think that something like buildcraft , but it uses energy.
    Sorry for my bad english.