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    Will make a few days that i can't download this version of IC² from this topic
    when i try to download I get errors saying that I can't connect to 8080
    i was wondering if someone can give me another link to download this version of IC².

    Thanks for your time
    and sorry for any errors of English. :S

    Fine, but you really should try studying english like i did, finished english course 2 years ago (when i were 14 years old =D ).
    Você realmente deveria estudar inglês como eu fiz, terminei o curso 2 anos atras (quando eu tinha 14 anos =D )

    @Thiago: google tradutor nunca prestou, e nunca vai prestar porque as frases tem sentidos diferentes dependendo de como vc a escreve. Portanto a tradução vai depender do contexto.

    I'll go into an English course soon enough.

    eu tenho 14 anos, to pensando em fazer um curso de inglês ano que vem

    I'm saying to create a more powerful and expensive watermill to build something like a hydroelectric powerplant.

    Well ... your post is quite ununderstandable, as it seems not to follow any sort of logic ... To be honest, I thought at First you was a Hyper-advanced SpamBot ...

    And as pumping water as Storage devices ... it could work with Railcraft (I've already also thought about it) but with IC² alone, it's hard to do ... the question is: has it enough interest to be considered ?

    what do not have logic,is i spend hours burning coal in a generator and not pollute the air.

    I a spambot...seriously, you is incomprehensible.

    Could have something like a ecology balance ...

    Use generators as coal generators, furnaces of iron and normal, will generate damage to the ecological balance,as several nuclear accidents and excessive use of geothermal generators.

    With bad ecology balance,the color of biome change, was more dead ... the color of water also could change, less field of view, less passive and more hostile mobs,where trees and seeds do not grow, and where neither the life of Steve will be welcome.

    With that the players would use more resources to generate clean energy, such as solar panels ...Improve water mill for large hydroelectric system ,but we must leave these clean energy more expensive.

    Players must choose between two paths

    The clean, but slower, means of generating energy

    The fast, but non-technological and polluting, means of generating energy.

    (sorry for the bad english, I'm using Google Translate)