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    Are you using Forestry? Have you looked at the IC2 crops add-in for Forestry?…rops-plugin-for-forestry/

    That's awesome. Downloading forestry and the plugin. I'm going to give this a try, I didn't know that such a thing existed. :thumbup:

    Also a neat way to get rich quick on emeralds if you obtain a librarian villager with a paper trade.

    There will always be loopholes and exploits regardless of what is added to Minecraft, even vanilla Minecraft has its share of exploits that people take advantage of (infinite water, mob farms, etc.)

    Yeah that's true the valuable plants could be abused, but what if the invaluable plants could be auto harvested? Perhaps they could be planted without sticks, I'm thinking possibly Cocoa, Stickreed, Hops, Terra Wart, Coffee. And the other more valuable crops have to be placed on crop sticks so they can't be auto harvested (We'll just say those plants are more delicate. ;) )

    Also I guess I was wrong about the deployers, I thought they would simulate right clicking without an item if there was nothing placed in them. :pinch:

    First of all, I would like to apologize first. I realise I should become part of the forum community and read all the stickies before asking for support but I'm eager to see if anyone can give me an answer to this.

    This has probably been asked several times and even redirecting me to a thread with this question would be a major help if possible (since I could not find any).

    Automated IC2 Crop Farms. It's basically impossible in Tekkit. I've tried with ComputerCraft Turtles, RedPower 2 Deployers and assemblers and its possible to break the block but its impossible to have any device "right click" the crop and harvest it. So my questions are as follows. Is there any way at all possible to automate the crop harvesting process at the moment in Tekkit? (I know its possible with Thaumcraft but it's not included in Tekkit). Is this a bug with the deployers? I'm just curious since a deployer is essentially a "Right Click", why does this not work with IC2 crops? And if it is not a bug, can we expect to see a device in the future that will automatically harvest these crops?

    I find it a heavy limitation to be quite honest. IC2 is all about efficiency, when people try to make their farms as efficient as possible without doing any labour it becomes disappointing when there are physical limitations to the automation process.

    Regardless, IC2 is an incredible mod and if any of the modders and mod contributors are reading this, thanks very much for a fantastic, stable mod which completely redesigns how minecraft works. :D