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    I have a problem with ore dictionary which happens after I restart a game. For example smelting rubber chip would give me rubber(ic2) one time and after game restart it will give me rubber bar (MFR). Same happens with data circuits/elite circuits in assembling machine. While not fatal is screws up my AE autocrafting.
    I'm not exactly sure if its GT fault or not, but so far I've noticed it with GT involved recipes.

    I've reported this aswell and it's very annoying. Only thing you can do is turn off unification but I'd prefer this to get fixed.

    Also, someone please tell me, how do I turn off requirement of plates etc. for tool and armor crafting? I just want to use ingots to craft pickaxii and armii, pl0x.
    If possible. Please and thank you, kind sirs.

    Is it possible to turn off the requirement of iron plates and crap for tools and armor crafting? I hate the inconsistencies being able to craft tools and armor with just the ingots due to certain mods and then requiring alot of effort for iron stuffs.

    Ores? Like block ores? What GT version?


    Ore blocks are fine, but things like Certus Quartz randomly become either AE or Magical Crops quartz
    Also, ReactorCraft fluorite which for some reason comes in different colours always turns into a single, random colour every restart, but I assume that's a problem with the mod itself.
    Oh, and apetite also changes from Forestry into Rotarycraft apetite and then back into Forestry next time I play.

    I just want it to make its mind up :S

    I'll try latest GT

    So like, I got this mod Magical Crops installed, and for some reason it ads its own version of Certus Quartz, now everytime when I'm in game Gregtech tries to unificate the Quartz. Thing is, it's different everytime I start up, one time it goes for the Magical Crops one (which can't be used to craft tools for some reason, I guess that's alright) and the other time I start up MC it goes for the AE one. I guess it's to do with the order in which the mods are loaded or whatever, but is there a way I can default the unification to prefer a certain mods version of... things?

    I know I know, Magical Crops isn't very hardcore to play with, sue me :D

    I'm so mad at Greg for making my game crash because my game takes like 5 minutes to even start up and then it crashed and then I had to find out what's wrong and fix it by rolling back to an older TConstruct and it took like an additional 5 minutes and then another 5 minutes to start the game up again and so I lost 15 minutes of my life because of Greg and his tech and now I'm super mad grrr!

    LOL joke, if I wanted an overpowered tool mod I'd use extended workbench.

    Since when is MC crashing all that bad. MC crashes to let you know there's a conflict... Usually it keeps on running with incompatibilities but I rather have it crash on me rather then find out 10 hours into my world that something is majorly wrong.

    It's not like Greg corrupted your world or anything

    So this is interesting to read discussion about complex machines, but, can you please answer to this simple question, and, maybe, add it into FAQ?

    If you have Redpower2 installed Rubies and Sapphires spawn according to Redpower2's generation of which I'm not sure how often they spawn, but quite a bit more then normal Gregtech afaik.

    Without Redpower2 they're biome specific like the vanilla Emerald, Sapphires in Oceans and Rubies in Deserts (There's a complete list of biomes they spawn in when ExtraBiomesXL is installed aswell a "few" pages back)

    Not sure if the rarity is the same as vanilla Emeralds, and I can't tell you how many per chunk, maybe someone else can

    Kane Hart
    Grr, I been watching your Let's Play series a little, can't wait to get to the parts with those machines. They look neat. I'm only at episode 7 lol.

    Jesus, stay away from the thread a month and it's like a whole new mod. Awesome stuff getting added I love it.

    Did I understand correctly that your gems will automatically disable themselfs when RP2 is installed to make way for Eloraams gems? And those gems still have a chance of dropping the small chance drops too (like red garnet from ruby)?

    Can you also add some centrifuge recipe for ghast tears? I got a few of them but I don't do potions...

    Also, the 1.4.2 update is going to change some IDs right? Of cells and ores? What will be the best way to fix my current stuff when I update? Should I just take note of what I have, delete them and spawn them back in with NEI or... Should I start a new world since other things might change aswell?

    I hate when that happens...

    Try it now, I used the PlatformClient file from 107.35. I really can't test ingame, it doesn't work over remote desktop and takes ages to boot up over network drive.

    Had the same error as Kane Hart, it's fixed now and the modpack notification is gone aswell.


    You must suck at vanilla minecraft bro... Enchanted Picks are faster then drills by far and I mean like 100x.

    Haha, try EnchantingPlus for fun, you can enchant drills with efficiency 5 :D

    Anyway while enchanted picks are alot better then drills I do feel the drills are a bit cheap. Enchanted pick will make you dig faster but it's not worth the diamonds/xp to me. But to each his own I suppose.