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    I am using Forestry Diamond Bees to gain Diamonds, nothing special so far, until my last IC2 upgrade. Since then I not longer get Diamonds from the shards but "Industrial Diamonds" with no use outside IC2 and even limited use inside IC2.

    Is this planned or a bug, and is there an option to revert this change of an forestry-recipe back to normal?

    Besides, since the actual Energy crystal/lapatron storage capacity + the storage blocks got buffed, its a given that the recipe should be nerfed.

    Like said, i am fully aware of that. Still this "balancing" boost the requirements for a MFE to 16 Diamonds, which is quite a lot for tier 3, while tier 4 comes pretty cheap. And glass cables became the most expensive power cables in all mods, even beating diamond pipes from BC nobody ever uses.

    I would suggest lesser diamonds for energium dust, but more for lapotron crystals.

    Thus, one energy crystal costs 4 diamonds now instead of one? Looks like one piece of glassfiber cable costs one full diamond now as well.

    I am not sure if i like the path this goes, even considering that power storage got boosted and glass cables are not that important anymore. :S

    I Suggest ComputerCraft with OpenPeripherals. With a little programming you can not only measure temperature and output, but even automate the whole thing. Like removal/Insertion of rods and cooling cells at defined temperatures, emergency shutdown or pausing if energy would be wasted. You wont ever need to get near the danger zone anymore ;)

    Hi there,

    I got an Idea for the cables from IC2. Pretty often you not only have to wire up electrics but redstone signals as well, making lots of wiring redundant. It would be great to combine the cables with redstone to make it carry EU as well as redstone signals.

    For example powering a Tesla as well as toggling, controlling an reactor, toggling splitter cables straight from the MFE/MFSU ... applications are endless, and it would make designs far more elegant and compact.