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    Something has bugged and im not sure why

    The recipes seem to not be working correctly.

    NEI wont show the recipe for the Rotary Macerator.
    When the recipe for the Singularity Compressor is shown, the Rotary Macerators Recipe is used with the Compressor output.
    When the recipe for the Centrifuge Extractor is shown, the Singularity Compressor Recipe is used with the Extractor Output.

    Im using the second release version of your Mod.
    IC2 Experimental 295

    i dont believe it was happening before i updated like 20 mins ago. it just a really strange bug.

    Because when i checked your src code it look perfectly fine to me. really weird.
    could be a bug with NEI but not sure.

    The only thing i saw in the code is that the block metadata started at 1 not 0. i dont know if that makes a difference but i thought it does. (but im not the modder here).

    The Log looks fine to me. Weird Bug. sort of annoying.


    1. Are you using newest version which is for 1.6.4 on 1.6.2, coz that might not work. and the correct version of forge and IC2

    2. If your playing on 1.6.2 make sure you have a 1.6.2 version, if your on 1.6.4 make sure you have a 1.6.4 version

    3. Try redownloading the mod and sometimes it may not download correctly and be missing things (yes that is possible)

    4. If your using a texture pack that might be messing up the textures for some unknown reason.

    5. Some weird shit is happening.

    Thats just a few things to try

    Nice it works now. Well done

    only one suggestion i have.

    i think the default max speed is a bit too slow.

    i know u can change it in the config. but the default speed is much slower than the induction furnace and someone of the other Advanced machines mods hav the machines going alot fast.

    i know it can be changed but i think it would be going to include the default speed so that is about the same as the induction furnace. Then people can change it if they want to.

    i only do a brief test as it is 1:33am at the time of this post and well it work and didnt crash. And on the up side the cables stay connected :)

    Very nicely done. good job.

    It half works.

    If the machines are deactivated (no redstone current, even if item processing) the cables disconnect from the energy network visually and physically (no power transfer)


    if the machine are activated (have a redstone current), the cables stay connected (visually and power is transfered)

    which is really weird, this is only after a log out, log in (quit world to main menu and then enter world again).

    but if i do the same thing as above turn redstone off, change worlds to the nether then come back: cables Disconnected, then turn redstone on, change worlds to nether can come back: cables Disconnected.

    its a really strange bug. it would be awesome if you could get it fixed. but it seems like a stubborn bug. you might have to go ask someone for help (cpw would probably be able to help).

    But u may have half fixed it.

    thanks for trying anyway

    Hi AtomicStryker,

    i was just looking at your source code and saw that you hav an 'onChunkUnload' method in the TileEntityBaseMachine Class, but there is nothin for 'onChunkLoad'

    i was thinking maybe you need something like that. that could possibly fix the issue you are having.

    i only have very limited coding knowledge, but i was thinking that that might be your problem.


    Hi AtmoicStryker, i cant help you with the coding side or why your block keep disconnecting themselves from the eNet.

    But i was thinking could you try and look at IC2 source code and figure out how they stupid there machine disconnecting

    Just thinking this out loud as it might help. only because it sort of get annoying that they keep disconnecting.


    I don't know if it just me but im finding that everything is extremely expensive compared to before.

    im not complaining but with the of the ores u get 2 dusts not one when macerated.

    so i was thinking that it would be bit better if when you macerate Diamonds into diamond dust you get 2 dusts instead of 1.

    Because 16 diamonds to make a MFE or 40 diamonds for a MFSU seems a bit over the top.

    i do relies you are trying to balance the mod out. but i think it is a bit too much

    But this is just my opinion


    I am making my own mod an i have been looking through your code to try and find out how things work and how i can run my own code

    I have been looking in this class in ItemBlockRare.class

    and the class extends this 'uu' which the this minecraft.jar .class file i cant figure out which class this is when i have decompiled minecraft and viewing with Eclipise

    the same goes with IRaveBlock it has a abstract 'uf' class and as above i cant figure out which class the uf is

    any help is welcome thanks

    not sure if i should be posting this here or else were so yer


    Where did you get this Buildcraft 3.1.8 version

    if u have a download link for it can u post to please

    Because i really want it