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    The new features are from IC² experimental mostly actually ^^

    Btw, I'd have a suggestion to buff LESUs:

    LESU-Microwave upgrade. Apply it to a LESU control block and it will emits Microwaves. Then apply the Microwave convertor upgrade to any GT machine, and it will consume EUs directly from the LESU control block without cables, but with losses and a limited range. (I thought about 30 blocks and 10/20% losses, as something to power a base without cables). Ofc it would sometime makes some Transformer Upgrades needed.

    Standing in front of the microwave emitter should cook any food you have in your inventory, as well as you :P

    I forgot what page it was on, but to the Tinkaboo, Adding a recipe is not childish and not what i was referring to, oh but you probably knew that but tried to direct away from the real problem, as fanboys tend to do. What i was referring to was forcing an override of an already configurable (and obviously named) feature without cause (yeah most people dont like nerfs cuz its not as easy as it was before, but some of us do enjoy the added challenge), agreeing to remove said code in a truce with Greg (who removed the code in question that caused the over the board crash reaction), he immediately re-adds it ("oh but its configurable!" but wait isnt that a moot point? oh only when GregTech is involved, apparently) and posts here basically taunting Greg, seemingly daring Greg to do something in reaction.

    EDIT: Oh and before anyone says "but its too hard to find!", i havent delved into the GT configs since before they were changed, and i must say they are quite easily organized and the names (for the most part) are quite obvious as to what they affect. Found the config line for the wood nerf in under a minute (a magical tool i did use! ctrl+F with the word "saw")

    mDiyo went back on his word, and slowpoke has pretty much said that if Greg leaves in the crash code, the mod will be removed from FTB altogether.

    Sooo it is possible that mDiyo saw this as a chance to stab at Greg while Greg is unable to respond without further retaliation.... Man thats low..... And absolutely no need for him to override a setting that is already configurable, whether the override is configurable or not
    (And before anyone complains that config settings make no sense, how self explanatory can "WoodNeedsSawForCrafting=true" be? And its right up near the top too)
    Id say both sides need to grow up. Greg may have acted immaturely, but so is mDiyo... haters and fanboys alike from both sides need to step back, and logically analyze the situation before any further comments are made.

    Ok, can all you anons and fanboys stop posting smarm at each other and irrelevant personal attacks and get to the root of the issue please? There is so much fluff here that I can't even tell what's going on. I knew about Gregtech's (optional) plank nerf, and I know how much TConstruct depends on wood. So there was some mechanical conflict in this. As far as I can tell, some players playing with both tconstruct and Gregtech had a crash or unintended behaviour because of the two trying to modify the same thing, right? So Greg figured out what the issue was and made Gregtech override TConstruct's setting. mDiyo didn't like this since it is configurable on TConstruct's end anyway and people could have just changed both configs according to what they wanted, instead of having GregoriusT babysit them, so he added in something to override the override. This undermined Greg's ultra hard mode philosophy so finally instead of talking to anyone he made it crash when the override from TConstruct is detected.

    Is this correct?

    Almost.The only incorrect part is GT was only nerfing vanilla, not TC. mDiyo's override was forced and not configurable, but removed the override upon a truce agreement, and Greg removed his crash implemented in response (it was only crashing if his nerf was detected being forcibly overridden). And mDiyo has just now added the override of GT again, only configurable this time. Even though the wood nerf was configurable in GT settings from the start

    So THAT'S how your meant to make the GT machines after one mining trip....

    I usually find at least a stack of iron ore when just caving in a good cave, on one trip. So no, i highly doubt they meant by using the exploit

    And about kspersky: It seems to be throwing a false positive on chickenbones' stuff. I scanned the links and files with norton, theyre clean

    Wouldn't it just be easier for you to disable the smelting recipe then him digging down into his own code? I mean, i understand you hate doing what you think is someone else's responsibility but it"ll probably end much less bitterly if you just do that (not to mention you update very frequently, so it"ll probably also be faster for all users involved)

    Also, out of curiosity, why did you even made metal blocks smelt able?

    He made it so you smelt blocks down into the bars, rather than somehow breaking it apart with your hands

    Seeing as capes are a useless feature meant only to stroke egos and has no impact on the game itself.... I just dont understand why they added capes other than to stroke the egos of the devs and those deemed worthy (or those who sent a bribe)

    Run the JVM with the command "-XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
    That should help, as it quadruples the amount of memory allowed to the JVM itself (it uses a default of 64m). solved the lag in redwood forests for me, as well