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    I think there is an issue with steam outputing reactor, in multiplayer, it will not output steam until you build railcraft firebox and boiler. Dont know if its ic2 or railcraft issue. It does not happen in singleplayer, only on dedicated server.

    The Reactor producing steam is great idea (because its how real reactors work, even fusion reactors are just big kettles)

    I dont think the steam converted to EU is the same amount as the reactor outputing just EU, but I did not made extensive tests, on the first glance it looks like the reactor is outputing too few steam.

    I think the reactor should use water too. (creatign steam out of nothingness is a bit weird, reailcraft boilers do need water input)

    Maybe there shoul be block like heat exchanger, that is put adjecent to reactor, and it serves as water input/steam output, because the reactor has limited amount of sides. Or maybe the reactor shuld be redone to the 3x3x3 big block like the iron tanks are so it has more places to connect the pipes.

    Mining laser is not working on the anvil block. It seems to block the laser. (tested all the modes. Explosive only makes it fall down the hole the explosion made). Don't know if its intended or not.

    Also there is no sound of any IC2 machines except of the "out of power" thingy from macerators.
    The mining laser explosive mode does not make any sound either.

    Versions: MC 1.4.2, Forge, IC2 1.108.57-lf