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    I think i installed this wrong. Do i put it in the mods folder or in the .Jar?

    When playing around with this mod and quite a few others. I got an bug where if i flew to a certain height and landed softly, i would take all the accumulated fall damage. So i tried re-downloading the mod and re-installinng it That solved the issue. But now when i search for The Quantum suit Armor with NEI, i can't find it. Then when i went to creative mode to search for it. I did find it, but it's name was in blue. And i couldn't look up it's recipe with NEI. Has anyone this before, and can you help? I would appreciate it.

    How do you go back to the old solar panel recipe? I want compact solars, but i don't like the new recipe. Also, this is for IC2 in general, for some reason the sounds don't work. And yes, for those people out there who would suggest it, the volume is on. -_-