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    Some of you might already know, but Thunderdark has passed the ownership of MFFS to me. I will keep the mod maintained and open source.

    Once again, thank you Thunderdark for making such an awesome mod. You have brought many joy to the Minecraft community!

    ok since you are now taking it over, any chance you can fix this issue?…src/minecraft/versioninfo

    running MultiMC, and i ran into this when i try using any of your version 4 series:

    [SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] The file in cannot be parsed as valid JSON. It will be ignored

    no idea what it means or why it happens, i go back and use and everything runs fine. oh and this is using minecraftforge-universal-1.4.7- did i do something wrong somewhere?

    i do believe this engine to be part of the BCIC2Crossover, the thing i noticed no matter where i place this engine, once the quarry starts up and sends items out, the engine gets items placed into the spot where you could put water cells, it will fill with whatever item the quarry first sends through. any ideas why the engine does this or do you have a fix for it coming soon?