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    So that's some rather curious behaviour I've just found. Since updating to 4.04m, the plate bender refuses to accept TiC ingots, which makes sense based on the changelog. HOWEVER, the same ingots still work in the crafting of plates with a hammer...

    Worth noting I'm using a reasonably old TiC version, so that I can use Iguana Tweaks to give it at least some semblance of balance with my pack. In this regard though the lack of recognition by gregtech for the common metals (copper tin and bronze) is a little annoying as the smeltery is the only way initially available to me to make bronze except for the flint and mortar, and at the same time is required for me to progress past flint tools. So would it be possible to make gregtech accept those 3 at least?

    Last time i tried in 1.5.2 it wasn't possible to generate gregtech end ores w legal mystcraft pages.

    I could use some work on properly learning english yes, but i'm not spokesman here, just repeating something that was said here many times.

    The difference is, in 1.6, the sky biome page IS legitimately obtainable in survival, while in 1.5 it wasn't

    The Tinkers construct recovery addon does make gregs aluminium and the TiC aluminum interchangeable though if you really want that functionality

    When you play GregTech are you supposed to disable Vanilla IC2 Tin and Copper Ore generation?

    It's recommended for a full GregTech experience, just like you'd disable any other mods Silver and lead ores in favour of Galena. Be warned though, when using only tetrahedrite for copper, it can make the bronze age, and early electric age quite painful on copper supplies

    I couldnt get the scan out of the scanner, it says "scan complete" , shows the 6 B usage 256k EU, the pattern is not stored, why?

    Wasn't Dr Red that said they had it working, was me. Once the scan completes the scanner will have an icon showing an arrow next to a chest. click that to add the pattern to the adjacent pattern storage. I still haven't figured out how to get it into the replicator though.

    I say all power to the players that do that, it'd be the smart thing to do, although storing them seems a little strange when you could, you know, be using them. But they'd have paid the matter fab price already.
    Also Greg/Sirus, how likely is it that the terraformer may get an overhaul before v2 is done?
    And fix the spelling of UU-Matter... the liquid is named as UU-Mater, and is also referred to by the same spelling in the Pattern storage

    SpwnX , Getting the pattern seems to be working fine to me - Iridium Ore scanned successfully to a blueprint in a test, transferred the resultant pattern to the adjacent pattern storage. Only problem I can foresee is how the iridium pattern is supposed to be obtained without the presence of iridium ore
    However I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the replicator access to the patterns

    That is a good idea. Except that it won't solve the problem of dungeon chests overflowing with chips.
    I don't really like the idea of finding them in chests, maybe you find blank chips and you craft them with a machine block for example to get a basic machines guide.

    Except how does that help people who don't know what they're doing figure things out if they have to actually do some of the stuff the don't know just to get the info on how to do those things?

    Hrm. Just how to start out with power in general. Was going to do some renewable power to start with just so I could bother building other machines. I figured this time Id use gregtech rather then being a giant wuss. But I need plates for half the stuff. Though I think I saw I could use hammers to make plates. But there is also the need for steel. Ive found diamonds and not one magnese yet. And argh. I think id need to build a normal blast furnace first to get started with the steel I need for everything too... Its just all so much at once it feels like. Maybe I do know how to start I suppose. Hammer, plate, create stuff. Build blast furnace, make steel, build windmill, make batbox, start storing. Build macerator. I feel thats the right direction...

    Guess I needed to talk to myself to figure out what to do.

    But the deal with silver and uranium, should I just not macerate/grind them until its fixed?

    I think it was about a page or two back, someone posted a fairly good concise guide on how to start with 1.6.2 versions of gregtech

    So he nerfed cleavers after all. Ore doubling is just smeltery: very low basic investment and lava is not a problem

    Ah, I see now, don't quite know how I overlooked that. Personally I play using all the gregtech ores as primary sources of the common metals, ores which the smeltery doesn't support anyway, so for me it pretty much just doubles TiC ores, iron and gold (iron and gold rarely being an issue anyway)