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    I cannot compress my Uranium ore to a Uranium cell, what thing change/remove/conflict with IC2?
    I have BC3,IC2,Railcraft,Mystcraft,Portalgun,Gravitygun,Factorization,Forestry,Computercraft,Stevecart 2,ThermalExpansion,(IC2 Addons : Transformers, Gravisuit) mod installed. NEI and NEIPlugins also installed. :?:

    Thanks !
    By Charger I mean a tool, right click to use on hot bar, like Cropnalyser, use Batteries, RE-Batteries, Energy Crystal and Lapotron Crystal to recharge other stuffs.(Except Cropnalyser use EU to analyse Unknown Seeds)
    Sorry but Discharger should be Charger, and I would like to have a Discharger too.
    By the way I this thread is to have a Charger, not discharger. Adding discharger would be goo.
    Sorry if there is addon of this mod already.

    A wearable suit that recharge your stuffs when using it. Stores up to 1 Million EU. I don't know name yet, you guys name it.

    Another suggestion is Discharger, a tool that will discharge energy crystal(or chargeable things) to another things.