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    That must have slipped through the net :P

    Psst. Don't tell them that I'm going to add such a similar and far more balanced Tool System. <- I didn't just say that, you just imagine I did, there is totally nothing saying that, and there is no evidence I have ever said that, you are just hallucinating. It says something completely different, it says, uhhm it says, that Movies should have a totally different and much better Ending, because uhhm, BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!, wait wrong text, because uhhm, I should just stop that sentence right now. So, I did stop that Sentence, just to start another one, DANGIT!

    Does that mean... Titanium pickaxes? Brass Hoes? Ruby-tipped swords?

    Greg, u did a favor to KingLemming not to easy burn his Enderium Ingots.
    What about this new recipe?

    I never see that before.

    You still need steel to make the induction smelter (as long as iron machine frame recipes have been disabled), so you will still need to either make a bronze/infernal blast furnace or find steel in loot chests in order to create it.

    It does produce steel quite a lot faster than the bronze blast furnace though...

    Greg, why don't you want to nerf diamond/quartz pickaxes?

    Well it would sort of make sense if diamond pickaxes (and other gem-based tools) required some sort of metal such as steel or bronze in their construction, so that the diamond was a "coating" rather than the whole tool head be made from a solid piece of gem.

    It would really help if it would be possible to name said Mod at all, because then I would have made a "Blame Mod X" Message the first time. The only thing I can say for sure is which Item has been unintentionally fucked up by another Mod, everything else is 100% unknown.

    I too think that it is ExtraBees (or one of its prequisites) causing that Problem, because of those Shards and the fact that it screwed so many completly different Items at once, but I am not sure.

    This problem also affects Titanium dust, and ExtraBees is the only other mod out of the ones I have installed (and that I know of) that can produce it (though bees).

    The turbines in railcraft serve basically as a means to convert MJ power in EU, wheras in a real-life a nuclear reactor would heat up water to produce steam, which is then piped through to a turbine room, where the steam drives the turbine rotors in order to produce actual electricity. However, making IC reactors work like this would basically require one to install Buildcraft in order to use them, and therefore I would say it's quite unlikely, unless it was added as an "upgraded" reactor system.

    In fact, I suppose one could see the conductive pipes in Buildcraft as like a "pressurised" pneumatic type system rather than electrictiy, which in the grand scheme of things would make far more sense.