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    Spud reflector!
    French Fry oil condenser!
    360K Mashed Potato cooling cell!

    Lolz :Reactor:

    When I heard that potatoes were added to MC, the next natural conclusion is that potato batteries should be added in IC. You could make them with a potato, an uninsulated copper cable and a tin cable, and should contain about 750 EU. When they're empty, right click and you get your cables back. (This destroys the potato) I can imagine some crazy automated farm producing potato batteries.

    Also, for the lolz, Potato GLaDOS should be a possibility. Add some circuits, and BAM, GLaDOS quotes are just a click away.

    I went a little all-out with my ideas in the post, I don't think ALL of them could be implemented, but I did want to get those ideas out there. The thing I really care about is getting in some wood and steam systems before electricity, and betterthanwolves doesn't have steam. :)

    I'll start by saying this is the best mod I've ever played. I find only one issue with this mod, the simplicity of going from punching trees to relaxing as your nuclear reactor powers up your mass fabricator. How do you solve the issue of going straight to the future? You add things of the past, namely steam technology and simple amish-style wood stuff. I will begin by describing everything I think should be added. I don't hold all this in concrete, I just think things like this should be implemented. If you're wondering why this should be added, this is Industrial Craft, not Super Advanced Craft, and ever heard of the industrial revolution? I want a giant steam factory, or a windmill at my farm. Minecraft is all about choice, and if you don't want this, just hurry to the electric tech you know and love.

    Teir 1, the dawn of wood.
    Please excuse me if this just seems like a clone of betterthanwolves, but this is necessary to reach better tech. In this epoch, you will build simple machines to begin processing all the wood and ores you mine.

    Things to add:
    Flax: A plant that is used to manufacture rope. I much prefer this over betterthanwolves' hemp, as that can be awkward. "Oh, what are you growing?" "Hemp..." *Awkward Silence* Flax provides a non-awkward alternative. Four flax can make a string.
    Rope: Handy dandy stuff that can craft things and be used as a ladder, or a way to pull a chest of ores up out of your quarry. Rope is attached to tripwire hooks. Made from three string.
    Cloth: Made from nine string, this stuff can make sails for boats, or for a windmill.
    Windmill: A modular system divided into:
    Windmill Base: Made from an axle and some wood, along with gears, this block is the center of your windmill, where you attach the sails and where the mechanical energy is made.
    Windmill Sail: You put these on the base, and build a windmill going outward in a plus, up to a point, the more sails you put on, the more energy your windmill will make.
    Wood Axle: Made from a plank and two sticks, this is the basis of transferring mechanical energy from your source to your machines.
    Gear: Simple wood component made from some sticks, used to craft things.
    Gearbox: Used to make axles turn, this takes in mechanical energy, and outputs the same amount in any direction.
    Mill: This handy device is the poor man's macerator, it cannot turn ores into two dusts, but it is needed to mill flour and make bronze. It takes in mechanical energy. Made from some stone, gears, and a few axles. Oh yeah, wheat should have to be made to flour to be used.
    Bellows: Handy component of the Forge. Made from planks and cloth.
    Forge: A better, mechanically assisted furnace. Takes mechanical energy, and makes a more efficient furnace. Made using a furnace, bellows, and some bricks.
    Water Wheel: A windmill for our wind-challenged friends, this makes mechanical energy by being in water. Must be made into a wheel shape. Made from an axle and planks.
    Spool: A handy system for pulling up rope, used in conjunction with a pulley and a chest, can make a simple system of moving items out of a hole. Made with an axle and planks. Can also pull up a 3x3 platform of scaffolds for a neat elevator.
    Pulley: used to redirect rope. Made with a tripwire hook and some planks.
    Hand Crank: A truly amish solution. produces mechanical energy every time you switch it. It is essentially a lever. Made from a lever and a gear.
    Flattener: Amish compressor, made with a bunch of stone and some gears.
    Wall Constructor: For lack of a better name, this builds walls. It runs along a track, takes the material you want, and makes a wall of it. Runs from mechanical energy.
    Wall Constructor track: Device which the wall builder runs off. You place it along the preferred wall site, and the builder builds a wall under the track. distance limit of 20 blocks. Made with three axles.
    Above machines can only process some items, a flattener cannot make artificial diamonds.

    Teir 2: Steam Dream
    Sorry about the pun, but now we're using steam. Steam flows around in handy pipes, similar to wires, and powers handy machines.

    Things to add:
    Pipes: Pipes...for steam! These revolutionary devices carry around your hard earned steam, six copper will make twelve of them, talk about value! These also haul water in them.
    Steam Boiler: How do you get this amazing steam? By building a boiler, this device takes in smeltables, and outputs steam. This is made from some Iron, some Bronze, and a few steam pipes, just watch your boiler pressure...You have to stock this with water, or use your fun pipes to restock it for you!f
    Steam Gearbox: This device takes in steam, and outputs mechanical energy to power all your primitive devices. Made with pipes, gears, and iron.
    Basic Pump: This takes in mechanical energy, and puts water in a 5x5x5 area below it into pipes or buckets. Made with some gears, pipes, and iron.
    Condenser: Simple device you can put next to a steam machine to produce water. Made from a bit of copper.
    Tank: Block that can store steam temporarily. Has a gui with a little gauge to show steam pressure. Gradually loses pressure. Connect a condenser to get the water back from the lost steam. made from 8 copper.
    Bellows Boiler: Want to take some of that mechanical energy and help make steam with it? Simply combine a forge with a boiler, and POW! Increase efficiency!
    Foundry: The Apex of steam technology, this device takes steam and smelts items with great efficiency. Made with a tank, forge, steam pipe, and some iron. Now you can refine iron!
    Steam Mill: This device smashes stuff. It is the steam macerator. You can now get increased ore yield, and make more high-tech machines.
    Steam Compressor: The squishanator. This is a steam-fired compressor. Made with one refined iron, some copper, and a steam pipe.
    Steam Engine: Now you can take the HAYO power of steam, and transport yourself across the lands. made with a minecart, boiler, condenser, water bucket, and chest. It has an internal storage.
    Steamboat: Water + Steam + Boat + HAYO. This allows you to zip across oceans. Made with a boat, boiler, condenser, and chest. It provides all the water it needs. It has an internal storage.
    Mining Apparatus: This device makes a corkscrew-stairs downwards to build a mineshaft for you. Made from a steam gearbox, drill, and some iron. Uses up pipes similar to mining pipes. Uses Steam.
    Drill: A handy device for the mining apparatus. Made with refined iron.
    Steam Centerfuge: A primitive extractor. Made with a steam pipe and iron.
    Cannery: Steam heats up and cans food and fuel. Made with tin and a steam pipe. Runs off steam.

    Electric Stuff:
    Dynamo: Takes mechanical energy and makes power. Made with six copper wire and some iron.
    Steam Dynamo: Takes your steam and makes power for you. Made with a steam gearbox, tank, and dynamo.

    So that's my idea to add some things you need to get before you start your advanced electric equipment.

    The Big Picture
    In full I don't want some massive addition with all sorts of stuff, I just want a "stepping stone" between basic minecraft and the futuristic electric stuff. If Betterthanwolves is going to forge, then wood tech could be ommited in favor of steam, and a crossover mod could be implimented.