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    try to put cells or cans into the upper left slots

    Tried it and now the centrifuge does begin to spin but the whole stack soulsand for excample is instantly gone, the progress bar is slightly raised but after that even when i give it a new stack and empty can or empty cells it doesnt do anything.

    EDIT: never mind........... it's not a bug its a feature........... the centrifuge worked so incredibly slow i thought it didn't operate at all............ i m very sorry for wasting time of you're life oh boy do i feel stupid :pinch:

    actually i wanted to start a new thread but then oh my god i used the search button 8| well now that i read it through, seems like pistons can't move cables witch is kinda bad for the idea i had ^^. So does forge take suggestions? I mean the idea of improving the piston code so it can push and pull cables witch then connect of course sounds really awesome. I'd like to build a home defense system pretty much like a electric mosquito killer, by wrapping my outer house wall in a HV cable and plug that in two MFSU's so its an endless circle of HV going through the un insultated cables deep frying everything what dares to aproach my house ^^ the concept worked i tested it but i'd like to hide the deathcable and add a sensor to it so it only comes out when needed ^^