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    implemented this one: 4360EU/t
    without logi pipes :D

    There are 14 LZH with 6 deplete patterns, use Railcraft item loader/unloader to replace LZH immediately:
    1. item loader A pull out LZH with damage value close to 4000(must < 4000) from reactor into chest cart
    2. item unloader B pull out LZH from chest cart into chest
    3. repair LZH (6 autocrafting table)
    4. BC pipes pull out LZH from autocrafting table into item loader C
    5. item loader C put LZH into chest cart
    6. item unloader D pull out LZH from chest cart into reactor (if any space)

    MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper There are 8~14 LZH in chest cart (LZH buffer to make it through the pipe trans time)

    If there is no lapis, reactor will explode in 30 sec :P

    reactor and LZH damage value(pull out)
    (3763 next is 3897, but item loader can not pull out 3897...dont know why)

    item loader/unloader all toward to chest cart
    LZH pipe into item loader C

    item loader/unloader setting and chest cart

    chest adj with 6 autocrafting table

    output with bug reactor -.-

    reactor heat is always 0 (Railcraft FTW :D )
    HV trans connect to 5 chambers, I think the real output is about 3800EU/t?