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    I installed the FTB (feed the beast) mod, and been using it for a couple of days now. I found out that the server would crash if i tried macerating monazit from MFFS, odd thing being that it worked fine for a little while, but after 6-10 blocks being macerated, it would just crash the server and now i can't access it without it crashing the server. So i removed the MFFS mod, and it seems to work fine when i try running it in SSP now (crashed in SSP as well earlier), but our server is still giving us an error. It's a little bit different from the one we had earlier.

    This is the error we got when running it with MFFS:
    And here's the one we're getting now that we removed it:

    I have no idea what might cause it, if it's still colliding with another mod or not. Even though i tried macerating all other ores in SSP and it works fine there, I can't figure out what it might be.
    I don't know if it has something to do with me pumping the ores into the adv macerator and pulling them out with BC pipes, and having them go into the induction furnace..