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    I think that there should be an expansion to the already awesome boozeception mechanic in Industrialcraft2 that allows players to be able to make cigars or cigarettes out of any ingredients that can be acquired from crossbreeding crops and can be grown like tobacco and other stuff like that. Like beer from boozeception, these cigars and cigarettes can be crafted using paper as well as the ingredients and can give any sort of helpful buffs like mining speed and jump boost depending on the ingredients and the ratio of ingredients used. However, for balance, I think that players should make these a certain way and only smoke these in moderation and to keep them fresh by storing them in a new block called a humidor to get the good effects out of them. Use them too much at a time, make a bad batch of cigars or cigarettes, or let them spoil, and they will give some really nasty debuffs like poison, nausea, or worse, the wither effect.

    I've got a question about the Howler Alarm alarm sounds. Does the list of alarm sounds contain a sound that's kind of a medium-pitched "DURRR...DURRR...DURRR" as one of the options? That's become my favorite alarm sound hearing it from various sources. I just want to know if it's included from the start so I don't have to later start hunting for the sound file all over the internet, converting it to ogg, and then adding it to the folder.

    Could I make a few suggestions?
    First, I think you should expand your mod to not only include the previously suggested electric fence, but also things like turrets, fence gates, and even programmable guard robots or something like that.
    Second, I think you should include alternate recipes for most of your items. The chain link fence recipe for example, clashes with the recipes for the advanced generators turbine blade and the factorization fan blade.

    I think there should another tier of power generation after the fusion generator. How about being able to make something called a "Hypermatter Generator?" It could be a multiblock structure with a 5x5 main body and two 3x3 outcroppings for each of its two sides. You can be able to feed matter and antimatter which it will annihilate to create incredible amounts of EU.