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    Makes little to no sense to me as to why people are updating their mods to use buggy forge versions. Everyone has stated to use the recommended builds and yet some modders are doing the stupid thing of updating to newer versions of forge, that is to forge builds that are broken or otherwise break mods or cause them to be incompatible. Where is the common sense?

    Since I posted that the mods I mentioned have actually changed it so the mods work on the older versions as well now.

    Crash with forge 964


    What is the latest forge this is compatible with? I tried Forge 897 and it worked, but that might cause issues in other mods.

    I am also getting the same error. A few other mods (and more to come soon) have started to require Forge 964. I tested everything out and the problem is coming from Gravisuite, looks like there is either something in Gravisuite asking for something no longer in Forge, or something missing in Gravisuite that is expected in the latest Forge.

    Did you spawn in and/or place down your replacement machine in Creative mode? I once had issues getting the scanner and pattern storage to work together in a test world, they only started behaving if I crafted them by hand and placed them in survival mode. Admittedly, that was a large number of versions back (over 80 builds at this point).

    I thought that may have been the case and that was one of the first things i tried but no. Thankfully the act of updating to a newer build happened to fix the issue.

    For those of us waiting for the recipes to update, i feel the introducing of a new device and material is a complete waste of time.
    by all means, make the irridium bars to use in solar panels. but there is still a mass fab and it still produces UU matter and is still able to make irridium. all you need to do it make the irridium content in the solar panels higher so more UU matter needs to be used and more energy needs to be used. it would be much quicker and easier for everyone to use the systems in place by IC2 already rather than introducing new equipment. it's already a pain in the ass to set up a mass fab i don't want to have to set up a mass fab AND a "molecular transformer".

    PLUS by introducing a machine that creates irridium you are breaking the basic mechanics of IC2 experimental. irridium currently has to found, then copied into a blueprint, then formed from liquid UU matter.

    that's just my personal insight into your mod and the idea you are proposing. Keep up the good work. i do love your mod.

    Thats not really the issue, the irridium recipe was only an example. The problem is that currently the advanced solar panels require sunnarium components, which used physical uu-matter as part of its recipe. Something new is needed to replace that material in order to maintain balance.

    If you have the time and want to, yeah go for it. I understand that the e-net is changed, but I have no clue what any of the new machines do. There also seem to be some new tools or I guess machine inserts that should be self explanatory but I'm just not seeing it.

    Besides the change logs on the jenkins site, is there anywhere else where someone has compiled a more wiki like site for the newer machines in the Experimental builds? Or even a simple text based site that lists all the changes and describes the machines.

    Even though the ic2 experimental branch(2.0.+) seems to be broken half the time do you plan to do a port for Gravisuite and Advanced Solars? It seems like a bunch of other mods are starting to work the experimental API into their latest versions. In addition the latest month and a half old ic2 1.118 build has those gui/armor bugs that they decided to leave unfixed making it a pain to use. Is a new port a possibility or do you plan on waiting for the ic2 team to move the 2.0.+ builds to the primary/stable branch?

    Yeah, while I like the idea of steam reactors I don't like how it's either Steam or EU without any kind of in-game choice. Would be nice if there was a generator module or something you could attach to the reactor (maybe in the grid somewhere?) to make EU or if you want steam than to just hook up pipes.

    Railcraft has a machine/construct that does this and outputs EU. But it would be nice to have something within IC2 to handle this.

    If any of you bothered to read the bugtracker like the forum tells you to, you would realize that the Uranium issue has already been reported and RichardG has already fixed it, you should see it working again the next time they release an updated beta or 1.4.X official release.

    Hey I noticed in the bug tracker that you fixed the Uranium issue as well as some others. Do you guys have plans to push any updated beta's for testing before the full release or will we see one big bugfix release down the road? If its the latter is there a way for people to test daily/nightly builds?