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    If you did this (like the OP said), it would have to be done in a way such that the machines do larger amounts of work in each tick rather than updating twice as fast (Otherwise the increased computation would just slow tickrate more). That is, instead of having a macerator take energy/process ore twice in one tick (or twice as fast) you would have to have it consume twice as much energy but process 2 pieces of ore at once (obviously this would have to be consistent with how it currently operates in terms of LV/HV and energy usage/work done).

    if (mctick % scale == 0)
    updateMacerator(); // or whatever

    Obviously the code is more complicated than this, but I'm assuming this is what you were suggesting. The problem would be that (assume IC updates every 10 MC ticks) when the scale goes from 10->5 the machine updates twice as fast which is good in that it removes any obvious slowdown BUT if IC is the reason for the slowdown it will just make the server slow more. (and if the scale goes down more, it will increase lag more....etc etc)

    A way to avoid this as I said before, in the case of the macerator at least, would be to process more ore at once while using a proportional amount of EU. The problem would (probably) be that the machine would have to ask for more EU effectively making it higher voltage. So, you would have to add a similar scaling in the energy net code, which would probably be very annoying. Furthermore you probably cant do this with all machines, the terraformer for example would have no benefit from this, since the computationally intense process it uses is manipulating blocks. (so unlike the macerator you cant just go use 2x energy -> take 2 ore from itemstack -> make 4 dust, you still have to modify two blocks or whatever).

    Ok I admit I have little idea how the IC code works, but from a coding standpoint and what little I understand I assume the situation is similar, at the very least it would take a significant rewrite of code to implement this.

    Edit: Haha, I have to admit I didn't read all of the OP, and just happened to pick terraformers as something that wouldn't benefit as well. Well my post is pretty redundant but I'll leave it here anyway.

    Thread title pretty much says it, when I enter a certain area of my SMP map all the modded blocks suddenly disappear as if they are missing a texture (eg ores that aren't standard) and you can see through them (and walls if there is a block behind them). I have RP and BC installed and their blocks also do the same thing, I doubt it is due to IC2 alone but I figured I would post just in case someone knew why this was happening. I also have Optifine installed, any ideas?

    For 1 cycle its 25% but for endless cycles it 33+(1/3)%. Its because there is a 25% chance that a uranium cell turns into a near depleted cell but there is also a chance that this happens again with the same cell.

    Also since you are only getting 8 near depleted cells per ore the absolute maximum efficiency boost (meaning with no uranium wasted during the breeding proces or using a 1 eff reactor) is 8x. It is not possible to go higher than this simply because you only get 8 cells per uranium ore. immibis had like 8,5x efficiency boost.

    Where did you get the 25% rate from? I'm just asking because when I was going through the IC2 source code I have (from MC 1.81, there's a thread on decompiiation somewhere) and the code I see is:

    Now I have close to 0 experience with java, but the documentation I found says the method nextInt(int n) for rand is inclusive for 0 but exclusive for n, i.e. it picks a number from 0 to n-1, in this case 0, 1, or 2. From this I would assume, provided I am not insane, that the probability is 33%?

    I have a feeling you are very close with one major exception. The diamond drill does work but it will only feed each pump lava once. Basically the diamond drill is so fast that even with 4 pumps attached to it will feed each of those pumps and then be ready to mine again while the first pump is still recharging. Since it does this check and sees that all four pumps are still recharging it stops working.

    That's what I meant by doesn't work at all (no amount of pumps will make it work correctly), anyway I made a temporary fix and have attached the modified class files. If posting them is not allowed then I can remove them right away (or you can just delete my post haha).

    As for the details, only one pump is needed for a miner with a regular drill (the cycle time is 200 for both the pump and miner, so more pumps won't do anything anyway). For a miner with a diamond drill 4 pumps will pump as fast as it mines and all of them will pump correctly. The technical details are that I changed the targeting function of the miner to target lava blocks if there are any pumps connected instead of any "ready" pumps.

    Edit: Just warning that the fix may have other effects, but when I was testing I didn't notice any.

    You have to use an MFE, and a low voltage transformer. it takes T2 levels of power to run, even though it takes only T1 power before exploding. I personally think this is an issue.

    This is what I do, and just bring some energy crystals to charge the MFE obviously, if you place it right it only takes up 3 blocks total (+one extra for the chest by the miner). I also agree with the idea of making it accept MV power.

    Yeah, basically what icedfire said, one pump on a miner does not work properly and, rather than (I assume) the intended behavior of just mining lava very slowly it goes something like this:

    -the miner just removes one block of liquid using the initially charged pump but then proceeds to the next level down (I assume this is because when the miner wants to mine something else the pump is charging and the miner doesn't see it since it checks for "ready" pumps)
    -then when it gets to the next level the miner seems to "forget" there is a pump connected and just stops since it can't mine through liquid on its own
    -it does not proceed even when the pump is fully charged again, I guess the miner probably only checks for ready pumps after it finishes its last operation, instead of constantly (which is probably a good thing, lag reduction and all that, assuming I'm even right)

    With two pumps the miner pumps the first block but does not go to the next level prematurely, like with one pump, probably since it "sees" the second pump already charged and stays at that level. But then instead of using the second pump to pump the next liquid block it waits for the first pump to recharge, resulting in very slow pumping and with only one pump actually running at a time (and the other one just sitting there charged). I haven't checked in 1.15 but the miner only used one pump even with 4 connected in 1.00.

    All of this would be a miner with a regular drill, diamond drill miners didn't work for me even if you put pumps all over them. Also feel free to ignore my speculation because I'm probably completely wrong

    Disregard this, I did some more tests and I was wrong about some of the behavior, I'll post again when I figure it out.