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    So the line with the torches. This forbids turning logs into charcoal at all? All these configs seems like man-mode :) Sounds like fun. (Not sure about the finite water... but hey, gotta try sometimes.)

    Finite water is best water. Though since you're not using Railcraft, Steam may be hard without Water Collectors. Also, I recommend IHL Tools & Machines for the added water physics. You can dig a pit and dig a canal to bring water to your base.

    The Steam Alloy Smelter needs a lot more than just two small coal boilers. Small Coal Boilers only produce 6 L/t while the Steam Alloy Smelter consumes a whopping 32 L/t, which means you need 6 Small Coal Boilers to produce bronze continuously without interruption.

    Why is that kind of info not in the wiki? It would be extremely useful.

    I thought I remembered that MFR adds harder recipes if GT is detected. Try renaming the MFR jar to something like aaaMineFactoryReloaded... so that it loads before GT does.

    That's probably not it, one of the first things I checked was that EnableGregTechRecipes was false in the MFR configs. Besides that, Plastic Sheets appears to be the only recipe missing.

    I found the config option to disable the MFR Rubber Sheet override.
    In the #Recipereplacements section.

    Silly that I didn't see it my first or second time through. I even went through that section particularly to disable the new Thaumcraft and Twilight Forest overrides.

    With my latest setup, I get a bunch of NullPointerExceptions that seem to be related to GT and Artifice. The game doesn't crash, even after I load a world and start placing GT blocks in Creative. Probably whatever's causing it is due to Artifice, that mod's starting to look like more trouble then the connected texture marble and basalt are worth.

    Full log:…rgeModLoader-client-0.log

    I'm using the latest version of IC2 Exp and GT 4.05e, and I'm having trouble crafting my first Macerator.
    I see two recipes for it in NEI, but one requires an Advanced Circuit and the other a Diamond Grinder. I can't craft either; Advanced Circuits require Lapiz dust (plain Lapiz doesn't seem to work anymore) and Diamond Grinders require Diamond dust (which seems to require a macerator).
    Is this an intentional recipe change to force us to use Sturdy Grinders before advancing?

    I set B:CraftingUnification=false and the error message is gone, but I'm still seeing "End of Stream."

    Maybe it's not Gregtech after all? I don't think I've changed anything else though.

    Obviously there's a lot going on here today, and I know nothing about it.
    I upgraded Gregtech and Thermal Expansion on my server today, and now the server hangs at startup. I downloaded gregtech only a few hours ago, so I'm fairly sure nothing has been released since. This version has no version number in the
    My full Forge log is viewable here .
    And just the part before and after java throws up is here:

    I'm playing 1.6.2 with EXP IC2 among other mods. I have no problems whatsoever until I try to add Gravitation Suite to my game, then Minecraft hangs on startup.
    My full forge log can be read here:
    The relevant section is this:

    This is a very nice mod, though I haven't been actively using it long.
    What I think (and others seem to agree) is that what MFFS needs most right now is documentation. You don't even have a changelog for your updates as far as I can tell. (I'll admit, I didn't look much further then the first post of this thread.) It seems like there are a lot of cool things I could do with MFFS, and it might even be a functional replacement for Bukkit's area protection mods, if only I could figure out how to use any of it.

    Ok just updated to the newest mffs and no mater what i do i cant get the defense station to kill mobs anymore i can only use the mob defense in the projector and i don't mind doing that but some times i don't want the shield up on a smp world so that people can visit but i always want mobs to be killed can you tell me how to get it to work again

    also typo Defence should be Defense

    Well said. I've also been using the Defense Station for this exact reason and I'm thrown off by this update. I haven't had the chance yet to use higher tier blocks, but I hope there's something in here to keep my lands mob-free.

    We are in final testing for the IC2 1.109 APM update. We're hoping to get it out tonight, but it may be late at night.

    I'm glad to hear that. I was just poking around here because it's looking like APM and Compact Solars are the last two mods keeping my server back from 1.4.5. Can't actually start the update 'till Monday, but I've got to stay on top of these things.

    I really appreciate the recent updates to what used to be the Charging Bench Addon. I just made my first monitor and I'm loving it. Can't wait to make a bank of them.