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    I am still confused, i made a recipe comparison showing whats wrong with all smelting recipes including tin/copper/silver/lead: LINK HERE (only tin is shown). And yes i dont give a *** that the tin/copper/silver/lead is different(i know i said i prefer the TE ingots), but some things might not be using Ore Dict(Diamond Pipe), and this could cause pipe/sorting systems to clog up, or even valuable resource bleeding out(mainly on servers).
    People would probably notice it and replace the filters to work properly, but this issue came out of nowhere(It was working properly before) and it could flip it self back(on an update) with people probably wont even noticing the change.

    Today i noticed that my automated system got cloged up, i've checked the system, and i found that the Redstone Furnance from TE, instead of cooking Pulverized tin/copper/silver/lead dusts to TE ingots it cooks them to IC2 ingots.
    I have removed ic2 to check(in a clean instance with just IC2 and TE) , loaded up a test world and everything seems ok, it cooks the dusts to TE ingots, when ic2 is back its cooking them to IC2 ingots. I would just like to know if this is a feature or a possible bug(checked the ID's nothing is being overwritten).
    If its a feature is it possible to toggle it?, i like the TE ingot textures more than ic2 ones :D. Also i found nothing in IC2 or TE config files.
    If its a bug? in which mod bug tracker should i report the bug TE or IC2. I would also ask in the Cofh forums if they had one :D

    I am using IC2 industrialcraft-2_2.0.336-experimental