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    Minein currently has lots mods from the good old favorites like Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft2, Railcraft & Forestry.

    We have popular mods like Thermal Expansion, Extra Bees/Trees, Minefactory Reloaded, Applied Energistics & Logistic Pipes and if thats not enough or you just want ot build a glorious factory we have Chisel & Carpenters Slopes.

    If you still want more then we also have Traincraft & Steves Carts and 7 IC2 addons. Fancy a bit of gardening then try Weee Flowers, Temerate Plants & Painters Flower pots.

    Still not enough???.. Then as its a bukkit server we also have over 20 plugins from economy & trading to residence protecting to avoid griefers. Buycraft is also used to give yourself an edge or save time mining as well as RewardTokens if you refer a friend. Visit our website for our modpack & come on down and join us.

    *NEW* Mining world added with a monthly wipe so you can ravage the land again and again.

    Ventrilo server is also available for those that would like to use it. Send us a message using our site contact form for the connect details.

    Hey Deno :P is there maybe a chance of getting a option to deaktivate all UUM recipe except Iridium? :D it would be cool :P

    I have no idea if that is possible. I'll look into it though.

    i really would like to find something to disable recipes involing UU for anything except iridium ore. I have a bukkit server and use disablecraft to stop players crafting mass fabs and sell UU via signshop/showcase but i also have a new 1.3.2 vanilla server that obviously cannot use plugins so any ideas on how to stop either crafting the mass fab or is there any CMR can do to at least stop recipes from UU??

    can anyone suggest any plugin for bukkit or anyway to disable mass fabs on a bukkit server to stop players from mass UU farming but then sell iridium plates or ore in admin shops so players do not lose any content??