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    I have a question (which seems to have come up many times on Google) about how exactly GregTech changes the Overclocker Upgrade math. I've been researching this for about an hour and on just about every page I find, it says something slightly different. (GregTech Wiki, FTB Wiki, FTB Wikia, etc...). I can only assume that the calculation has continued to change as the mod has evolved from the FTB 1.4.x era to present day, so I figured i'd just ask someone:

    So, in the version of GregTech that i'm using, (4.08s on MC1.6.4) the upgrade reads "160% more energy" in the tool tip, but when I do the math it's not adding up with what the GregTech "Tricorder" Scanner reads when I scan the machine (saying it needs more power). I've read on some sites that it's the 160%. Another site says 2x. Another site says 4x. Another site said 139%. Another site said 75%. You get the idea. I even read on one site that it's 160% on normal IC2 machines, but 4x in GregTech machines. So what exactly is the energy multiplier?

    Thanks to anyone that helps, and sorry for asking a question on an out dated version; just haven't updated to 1.7.x yet.

    Only changed the "false" after the = sign, and changed on both client and server.

    I've seen on other FTB wikis that there is another option of "AllowDuplicateEggs" in the GregTech.cfg, but i'm assuming that must be old because I don't have this option at all. Could the "AllowMultipleEggs" flag just be broken in this version of GregTech? I know it's kinda old now. Is there an official GregTech bug tracket/ticking page I can search through? Googling for GregTech stuff returns all sorts of things, but nothing i'm looking for.

    Did you do "DragonEggEnergySiphon.AllowMultipleEggs_false=true"

    The latter is wrong and will not take proper effect. Only change after the = sign. Also, if you're running a server, make sure you're changing server configs, not just client.

    If that wasn't it, I dunno.

    Only changed the "false" after the = sign, and changed on both client and server.

    So quick question. I'm using GregTech 4.08s, Minecraft 1.6.4, and i'm having an issue with the Dragon Egg Energy Siphon. I've tried changing the option in DynamicConfig.cfg of "DragonEggEnergySiphon.AllowMultipleEggs_false=false" to true, and on both settings when I place the second Dragon Egg down on the second Siphon, the Siphon makes a "short-circuit" kind of noise, and disappears. It doesn't appear to explode. We have a few mods that allow us to legit craft Dragon Eggs, (Forestry Extras 2, Magic Bees, and Xeno's Reliquary), so trying to use the siphons as a power source. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Thanks.

    Hello IC2 devs! I've been having an error on my server and the mod owner advised me to give you guys a shout. Basically, I have a "hydro-flower" set up using an IC2 MFE, a BC3 Pump, an Energy Link, and Water Strainers. Whenever the MFE gets full, I get this error:

    1. [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: atomicstryker.powerconverters.common.TileEntityEnergyLink@2b99e8cd didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no
    2. energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

    I talked to AtomicStryker and he advised:

    "Looks good to me. You probably have some sort of fringe case where the water strainers continue to try and inject energy AFTER its full"

    "You could ask in the IC2 forum or IRC chat, one of the devs, what could be causing this issue and link them to the source."

    So, here I am, figured I give it a shot! Thanks!

    EDIT: Forgot to list Version Numbers...

    Minecraft Version 1.4.5
    MCForge Version
    BC3 Version 3.2.0
    IC2 Version 1.109.113
    Power Converters Version 1.4.4