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    ok, i'm using Buildcraft and the beta of IndustrialCraft2 for 1.4.5 and when i try to build items for BC i get IC items even if there is no relation. e.g trying to make a wood gear gives me a red stick with no name and if i try to use that red stick as a wood gear to complete the recipe for a stone gear i get a nuke, if i use the nuke and put iron around it as i wood if it were a stone gear to make an iron gear then i get industrial TNT. All the IC recipes work normally, but ALL the BC ones give me something random from IC as above. thoughts? suggestions?

    You have the same problem like me. Just reinstall all mods using mineforge .397. That should help

    Maybe I'll try to install forge and everything again and then we will see if it will help.

    EDIT: For the god's sake... I should start with reinstalling everything at first place. Sorry for this, reinstalling helped and everything is OK. I'm so stupid... The easiest ways to fix something are sometimes the hardest to find. xD

    Thanks narc, I changed that. Server started without error when I deleted :. But then I wanted to test if all will work properly. I made 2 wooden gear, no error. But then I wanted to check redstone engine. Recipe was good, everything ok, but when I took engine from craftbox, client crashed.
    I must say, that before I changed IDs, recipe for one engine had Nuke or Industrial TNT instead of gears. And with the sticks I made some strange red wire instead of wooden gear.

    Error in server console:

    Error in client:

    I haven't changed anything by myself. I'll add to this post screenshot for making wooden gears without changed IDs.
    EDIT: Here is ss with clear BC and ID2, without changing anything:

    Hi, I'm just starting with IC2 and I have some issue with IDs. Conflict is probably between buildcraft and ic2. I changed conflicted IDs manually and it works good in single player. But if I change anything in server mod config files (same version of all mods as client) I get this error. Without changes server works well, but instead of gears there is Nuke or Industrial TNT. On single player changing IDs form 40xx to 30xx worked good.
    Can you please tell any solution of this? I'm waiting so long to finally play this with friends on 1.4.5, but there is another error with every version :?

    Server log and crash report: