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    They found me.We are low on supplies and our numbers have fallen.
    HiveTyrant) Guard the ship and start to prepare we are about to have a massive attack! Get the Spirit Gem to a safe place if we lose that all hope as we know it will die.
    HiveGuard) What does the spirit Gem do exactly to the spambots?
    HiveTyrant) It super powers them and they will learn how to use Mods and Mod Packs. Wait everyone Ready Here They Come!1!1!1! :Bronze Sword: :Bronze Sword: :Nuke TNT:
    Ready the ship!Were our outnumbered BY 1000!
    HiveGuard)Its not ready were Not Done!
    HiveTyrant)Then we Fight until its Done,
    ready prepare for Attack!

    CHARGE! :Bronze Sword: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :Bronze Sword:

    After The Battle,
    Everyone died The spambots killed everyone But to keep the Tyranid Specious alive at the last moment the HiveTyrant had realeased rippers into the earth to multiply and We Will Be Back!
    The Spambots won this one and taken the Gem But thats Not The End.

    The spambots... They are everywhere... They destroyed my ship... devoured my glorious biotech, I must bring it back! The mutations covering my body from the crash raidiation are many, covering my body with an exoskeleton, making my fingernails lengthen into talons... Growing a carapace on my back.

    I was forced to devour some of my own biomass to survive, and now I need more. I wonder... Do the spambots have any? I must rebuild the swarm.

    Anyone out there? Can you here me? My only teleporter creature left is dying, and I need coordinates to a large science facility, preferably one that contains a farm and pure biomass.