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    I know, but I (as programmer) like sharing my work, even by cost of some hour or two once a week.

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    sure, i've forgotten about that.

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    I don't know too, but thought that it isn't lots of work. May i please an answer "how it is" from one of DEVs?
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    there is an IC2 API, isn't it? I don't write in java (only C++ and Python) but thought that you have to update the addons only when minecraft is updated, not always with IC update...

    I'd be thankful for an answer from somebody who's working in IC2 developers team. Or maybye will try to learn java?

    It is not an ask for the relase dates.

    What do you think about posting eg. weekly snapshoots with all recent changes, not only when the beta is relased or the version is ready? It should be more fun for hardcore-beta players who just want to play with all these new things (like me) and more *new* bugs for you to know and fix. Or maybye there is something like this about which i don't know - eg. GIT repository?

    If there are some reasons why you don't do it, can you explain them for me (and other intrested in)?