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    -Minecraft Username: maeyrl.

    -Real Name: Just call me mae.

    -Age: 16.


    -Something Interesting about myself: I am a co-owner of a server, and, I have been a mod for many servers, as well as also being a very good builder. I can make stuff for the community via industrial craft 2 v1.64. I love servers that have only industrial craft v1.64, and, would be happy to make stuff for the community, all you need to give me is space, creative, whitelist, and, op status. (For spawning items.). Have a good day.

    Hello I am new to your server, though, I know how to build cool things, I love the mods you added, they are actually some of my favorite mods out there. I would like to be a Moderator, because, I can help out a lot. Anything you ask me to build for the server, I will build. I can make anything that is in redstone, or, anything referring to these mods on the server. I hope I get to be able to help out the server as an Moderator, or, Admin someday. Have a good day.

    Thanks Chrysanta! Also can we meet like on some other server, your a good person, and, friend, so if this server is being turned down lets go on another server. :thumbup:

    Yo Chrysanta, and, Chrysantafriend, sorry. I was pretty mad at the time. If you would please unban me, it would be nice. Besides, you guys are actually pretty nice. I understand why I was demoted, and, I deserved it. Though I was given no instructions for what to do at the time that that happened at. Anyways, lets just be friends again. -maeyrl

    Please whitelist me
    IGN: maeyrl
    Age: 16
    Location: U.S.A., LA
    Have I been a Moderator on other servers?: Yes. I am also a Co-Owner of a server.
    Have you been banned before?: Yes, I am sad to say, I was very new on Minecraft, and, didn't know much about griefing, at that time I thought griefing was ONLY limited to stealing blocks. So I went into someones home, and, stole some items. Then I was told I was griefing. I have learned from my mistake, and, let what incident that happened in the past, stay in the past.
    How long have I been playing Minecraft?: Since 1.3.
    Additional information: I am good at basically anything, give me creative mode, some time, and, I will make anything for you. Redstone is my best thing to deal with, I am advanced with it. Till we meet.
    Have a good day.

    1. In game name : maeyrl.

    2. Have you played industrial craft before: Yes, I have since about mc 1.6.6.

    3. Have you ever been
    banned from a server and why :Yes I have. I have been banned from a server for griefing. (It was looting, though at that time I didn't realize looting was a part of griefing.)

    IGN (In Game-Name): maeyrl.
    GMT (for balancing the teams): Blue
    Are you playing on Medieval Rage: -05.
    Have you ever been banned: Yes.
    What are the rules:

    1. You are not allowed to build small towers (1x1) to get on a mountain or a wall

    2. Cheating, flying, x-ray and the other noobish mods are not allowed too

    3. You are not allowed to attack other people during the preparation time (1 week)

    4. The attackers are not allowed to enter the fortress/castle during the preparation time

    5. Griefing is not allowed during the preparation time

    6. The defenders are allowed to enter/leave the castle

    7. Do not destroy redstone wiring!

    8. Not following the rules will cause a ban for the rulebreaker