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    Well thank

    That's an inefficient design. This design http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…uaypbma551q3chbbgt5euuccg from the reactor list outputs at 170 EU/t and is also a 2 chamber design... however it has an efficiency of 3.4 (3.23 when looking at costs of copper to replace dual cells) compared to your 2.57 (2.26 when looking at costs of copper to replace dual/quad cells). Basically your reactor has a "running cost" of 24 UU matter to replace the copper used, compared to the "running cost" of the other design which costs 9.6 UU matter.

    Edit: Also, always try to use the normal Heat Exchangers instead of always using the more expensive Component Heat Exchangers. I was able to take your design and reduce the material cost by quite a bit of gold just by downgrading all but 1 of the Component Heat Exchangers: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…zxatdsemuuepdz14iyfv65ips

    well thank you for telling me at least now I know now, I will keep on trying to beat this yet. but I got to admit these take a lot of time to make


    I'm sorry is mine inefficient or is it that I'm using gregtech if it is that I'm using gregtech then
    I was talking to the gregtech guy on this forum, not the op of this forum(which is you)

    if it is inefficient then tell me how Because I would really like to know if it is :P

    also here is one that follows the rules

    180 eu for 2 hours 33 mins and it only uses 2 chambers instead of 4 or 6 like the others
    574 copper
    41 tin
    139 iron
    68 gold
    14 uranium
    67 rubber
    28 redstone
    2 glowstone dust
    2 lapis lazuil

    I'm sorry for any confusion

    Sure but since this isn't related to vIC2 let's go to Greg's thread.
    And here (at Greg's Thread, again) I compiled a list of thorium/plutonium-based reactor designs.

    oh well can you add this to the list It is a 2 chamber system which uses dual plutonium in the middle and uranium on the outside core areas it produces a good 140 eu for 5 hours and Is pretty cost effective except (for having to get 4 uu) here is the design.

    I thought it was pretty efficient but thats up to you to decide.

    edit randomly adding stuff to it you can output about 168 eu for 13 hours 8| (though after 5 hours it goes down drastically so here is the system eu amount 168 eu for 2 hours= 124 eu for 3 hours = 5 eu 8| for the net seven hours) instead of just 140 for 5 (same system applies after 2 hours it goes down to like 124 eu) this one uses 2 dual plutonium cells, 2 dual uranium cells, 1 uranium cell and 1 dual thorium cell. Here is the design again not as cheep but still a good design

    also off topic why can we not see any ic machines in factorizations router