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    This... is beautiful. Amazing work! I especially like the fact you added GregTech recipes, a lot of other mod developers seem quite sore about his mod so I'm very pleased to see the compatibility here.

    Quick note - on your Recipes page, a few of the images full-on refuse to load for me. These are all 4 recipes for the Tinker Table, the IC2 LV Capacitor recipe, and the UE MV and UE HV Capacitor recipes. Don't know if that's just me however.

    I'm very much hoping for this to be added to a core FTB Mod Pack in the future, this mod by FAR deserves the popularity from it.

    EDIT: While I'm here, may as well throw a suggestion out there. A "Thermal Detector" Helmet Module that allows you to see silhouettes of mobs through blocks.

    Starting a new thread for such a minor issue seems trivial, seeing as this is a fairly minor (and relevant) issue.
    If I'm coding using the GregTech API (or any API besides Forestry), the updatemd5 script in MCP fails. Functionally everything is perfect, however. Is there any particular reason for this?

    Yep, that NPE occurs the very first time this mod is loaded. It's an issue within DenLib. DenLib-reliant mods will error on first load immediately after config generation. Loading the world again AFTER that NPE will work perfectly fine, it's only the initial load that generates the config file.

    EDIT: Scratch that, different error.

    Ihave yet to do a lot of reactor work, so I tend to opt for my simple Thorium Breeder. The Filter setup I use for restocking the Isotopes has never in five cycles of this thing caused any excess heat, so overall it's a lot lower maintenance.
    Dump your Isotopes in a Chest. Filter instantly pulls eight out and triggers a delayed Repeater that turns the Reactor on just after the Isotopes land in. Charged cells get dragged out by a Filter (optional Centrifuge if you're looking for more Thorium), a new Isotope drops in from the Hopper right away, and the first Filter restocks it. I've yet to come up with a comfortable auto-shutoff system though, it's just a barbaric CCTurtle that acts like a counter on the Detector for now (manually inputting the number of cells you're dumping in when starting the program).

    Here's something I was trying in the planner.

    Would Condensator Breeders even work? I know nothing about Condensator mechanics. If they work though, this is the highest cell/cycle output possible.

    Scratch that. This wants to recharge 12,960 cells/cycle, with the Condensators only costing 1,483 Lapis for the entire run. I'll actually try out a Condensator breeder in-game, if it works I might have accidentally hit an awesome idea. But these designs aren't something I'd use, I prefer to keep exactly 4 Isotope slots in my breeders so it can be fed by a single Hopper. I'll try both styles out.

    EDIT: Hah. It's neat. On average a cell takes 3.8 seconds to recharge, and because it's Condensators instead of other heat management it doesn't TRY to cool itself down, so having it turned off by the broken-LZH-output Item Detector pulsing a RS Latch is perfectly fine. This... is intriguing me. Nearly 13,000 cells charged per Thorium cycle, <1500 Lapis cost, and 180EU/t to boot? I guess if I ever really have THAT much Uranium to recharge I'm set.

    I can confirm that the above issue has never occured for me using build 187 of IC2, and the area where my IC2 energy system is has been unloaded and reloaded a LOT.
    EDIT: Couldn't reproduce in -183. Will try -170.
    EDIT: Couldn't reproduce in -170. Trying older Forge versions to see if they accidentally fixed the issue with any alterations to the chunkload mechanics (was testing with 497)
    EDIT: Couldn't even reproduce in MC1.4.6 with IC2 170 and Forge 471. Possibly SMP only, can test tomorrow to save some time all round :)

    Curious about how well my Thorium Breeder ranks.

    MkI EA+ Thorium Breeder
    EU/t: 48
    Heat: 288 In, 288 Out
    Isotopes at a time: 4
    Average time to recharge an Isotope: 23.2s at 37,500 Heat
    Cells/cycle: 2151

    To heat up, I replace the Isotopes with Single Plutonium for just over 2 minutes, which also gives a by-product of 498EU/t while doing so. I use Nuclear Control to detect the heat level, and a series of RP Latch Timers to handle what should be currently in the Reactor. A Hopper above the Reactor is filled by a Filter with depleted cells to recharge, and cells are pulled out by a Filter as soon as they are fully charged. Usually this is fast enough that the reactor heat level doesn't TRY to drop, though if at any point the heat drops below 37,000 a Latch is toggled that fills the Hopper with Single Plutonium Cells, and pulls out the Isotope Cells, until the heat reaches 37,500 again. The control aspect is pretty damn neat here, and I'm very happy with it.

    If you have a Nuclear Reactor that has either of the power cells in GregTech (Thoriumcells or Plutoniumcells), the Nuclear Information Panel always displays a Remaining Time of 0:00:00. Could you possibly implement his times into Nuclear Control? I don't know how you do so, but Plutoniumcells last for 20,000 seconds and Thoriumcells last for 50,000 seconds, if that helps :)

    An option to re-allow a vanilla bug? Sounds unlikely. Though the config does have an option to allow duped eggs in the Siphon.
    But Greg, with no dupe issue, I can either have the Siphon running, OR make the Holy Planks! I guess I could make a Sky Mystcraft World, which seems to always spawn an Ender Dragon, hilariously enough.

    Got some unknown thingies for ya, Greg, this time it's a Metallurgy edition!

    2012-12-30 01:38:11 [INFO] [STDOUT] Thingy Name: chunkLazurite !!!Unknown 'Thingy' detected!!! This Object seems to probably not follow a valid OreDictionary Convention, or I missed a Convention. Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, it's just an Information.

    Isn't this a GregTech item? Apparently you missed a spot Greg :P

    Try putting in some Energy Storage upgrades. The power requirements for 9+ Overclockers exceeds that of the regular internal buffer of the machines. The ES upgrades increase that buffer.

    If I ever feel the need to put more than 8 Overclockers in a Rotary Macerator, sure :P Though frankly I ended up just not using OC upgrades anymore; they're not too necessary, plus I'm REALLY liking the Accelerator from Liquid UUM.