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    I dont think that ruins balance. I will probably add these Recipes for the Ore myself, if its registered at the OreDict, as you are maybe not the only Mod out there which adds that (however its very unlikely for another Mod to add that, but its still possible).

    Its could generate in my larger Asteroids, but very rarely.

    Nice stuff. Is oreChromite or oreEndChromite preferred?

    So for an IC2 addon I'm working on, I'm considering adding in a form of Chromite ore. Due to Chrome being one of the most valuable resources within GregTech, I'm asking here to make sure I keep any balance issues in check, as what I am making is designed with GT in mind.

    The Chromite ore in question would be found in single blocks in the end. I've not figured out exactly how I want the generation to go down, but maybe 1 per 4 chunks. The ore itself is specifically Ferrochromite, FeCr2O4. Macerates into 2 Ferrochromite Dust, Pulverizes into 2 Dust with a 20% chance of an Iron Dust, Grinds with Water into 2 Dust, 2 Tiny Piles and an Iron. Due to the mention of a silicothermic processing used for Ferrochromite, I may have it grindable with Silicon to produce 3 Dusts with an Iron Dust. My processing of choice for the Ferrochromite Dust will likely boil down to a 2800K Blast Furnace carbothermic process, with 3 Ferrochromite and 2 Coal Dust taking 50 seconds to produce 1 Iron Ingot and 2 Chrome Ingots. An Electrolyzer recipe for the dust might be done, not decided yet.

    Does anybody think this would mess with the balance of GregTech, and if so do you have any suggestions on any possible balance?

    EDIT: GregoriusT : I assume with a dimension-altered WorldGenMinable spawn code, this wouldn't generate among your End Asteroids, though I may be wrong. If this is true and it isn't major trouble, could I possibly request assistance on how to generate an ore that follows the same spawn logic as your Asteroids, or even better, an API hook? I may be asking too much here, however, so feel free to say no.

    Old way = 1100sec for 3 Rubies
    New way = 1050sec for 3 Rubies
    Nearly 17 secs faster per Ruby.

    I hate to say it, but... do you have any plans to edit GraviSuite or ComputerCraft recipes, if you're allowed and able to? Just a curiosity.
    Also, I'm considering making a Severe Hardcore recipe override mod to really crap on my friends. IC2 Circuits needing Silicon, initially gotten by some variant of sand processing, but can be centrifuged out of sand or created other ways once you can afford GregTech's lowest-tier machines. Scratch that, too lazy. I could make my own circuit-utilising mod, however...


    This... is beautiful. Amazing work! I especially like the fact you added GregTech recipes, a lot of other mod developers seem quite sore about his mod so I'm very pleased to see the compatibility here.

    Quick note - on your Recipes page, a few of the images full-on refuse to load for me. These are all 4 recipes for the Tinker Table, the IC2 LV Capacitor recipe, and the UE MV and UE HV Capacitor recipes. Don't know if that's just me however.

    I'm very much hoping for this to be added to a core FTB Mod Pack in the future, this mod by FAR deserves the popularity from it.

    EDIT: While I'm here, may as well throw a suggestion out there. A "Thermal Detector" Helmet Module that allows you to see silhouettes of mobs through blocks.

    Not quite sure who adds this recipe, whether it's IC2, TE or GregTech, but there's a bit of an exploit in regards to IC2 Coolant Cells in the Liquid Transposer.

    So you can extract 1000mB of Coolant from a 10k Coolant Cell, 3000mB from a 30k Cell and 6000mB from a 60k Cell (I can't seem to actually put the Cells in to extract the liquid, but due to the cells being registered in the Liquid Dictionary simply right-clicking on the Transposer with a cell will empty the liquid into the Transposer.) So that's perfectly fine. But, if you have 6000mB+ of Coolant in the Transposer, you can fill a Tin Cell straight into a 60k Cell. This saves a ridiculous amount of Tin here.

    I'll be posting this in the TE Forum post as well to find out who actually adds the Tin Cell + 6000mB = 60k Cell recipe, but just incase it's a GregTech-added recipe I figured I'd ask here.

    Actually, considering the sheer popularity of Gravitation Suite, some GregTech-infused recipe rebalancing (read: nerfing) might not be a bad idea. Mainly the Advanced Lappack recipe bothers me, it's almost pointless NOT to upgrade from your LapPack straight away the recipe is that simple. SeNtiMeL has done a pretty nice job with most of the recipes, and they fit nicely with the flow of regular IC2, but with GregTech included it seems too simple in comparison.

    If I knew where the flower pot came from, I'd tell you. I assumed you were maybe adding clay oven functions to the Blast Furnace or whatever o_o

    Seriously, where does that Flowerpot in my Config come from? I did NOT add that! (even though I have an API, which lets others add things like that)

    Wait... does that mean your config auto-updates when a mod adds a Gregtech machine recipe? GREG YOU MAGNIFICENT GENIUS THAT'S AWESOME