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    BSEUNHIR - Thank you!!

    Unfortunately the second part of my post applies even more. What I pictured and what I have are far from the same. I've linked the security station to my projector and placed it right outside the FF. I was expecting to click or right-click on the station with the card and see the FF go down or something. Yeah I was pretty far off... Did I miss something in the 40 middle pages of this thread on the mechanics here?

    No one has to answer - I already feel dumb cuz it looks like no one else is asking these questions... Is this the wrong thread for this?


    Hi all,

    Love this mod, have to agree that a wiki would be nice for those not as adept at testing/discovering.

    I've read the 1st 15 and last 15 pages of this thread, and watched many many LPs on youtube, and can't find out how to create a personal ID card... For that matter, I'm not even sure the system will do what it sounds like it does, i.e. install a card reader that will admit ppl past the FF once swiping the card. How incredibly far off track am I?