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    Well, I guess it would cheapen the ic2 experience... But it would be cool to have special iridium tools that could do special things, I just wanted a faster way to mine.

    I think they should be an upgraded version of the electric tools, but with special abilities like you said. So I have some ideas on what
    the special abilities should be.

    ===Answer to narc===

    But, Don't you want industrialcraft to be even a little unique not ALL in real life. Also, its minecraft anything can happen :D. If you dont accept this i may try to learn java (is that the code to make mods? because it is .class files) and make an addon do industrialcraft for the users who want it

    =One day I was teaching my friend how to use Industrial-Craft when we got to Quantum Armor, here is our chat: (i am gabrieljw1)

    And so i came here, im a bit late though, but just in time for the IC2 1.4.6 update. My idea is that you have Nano (nano saber can be the nano sword) and Quantum tools, you craft a "Tool Charging Station" to charge them, and BAM! here are my recipes: