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    I was hesitant to post this because after browsing the entire thread it looked a lot like c4commando's reactor

    But... I was able to create a zero heat transfer 4 chamber reactor from a six chamber design that I had come across called the "wave generator" ( I regret that I do not remember the original creator )
    It's not particularly powerful, or cheap, or expensive. It's is a safe mediocre reactor with no heat transfer. So all you do is slowly heat it up by taking out the center six advance heat vents and put two dual uranium cells in the middle. After it warms up, turn it off and put the advanced heat vents back with quad mox in the center. Profit.


    -edit- After Omicron's Reply (Because I didn't think it was important enough to post an additional reply)

    I finally realized where I messed up. I didn't realize that C4Commando's design was 0 heat transfer. And I thought that it would pull reactor heat. After just staring at it I realized my reasoning was flawed. So I present a "Wave" reactor. It dumps all the heat from the nuclear material into the hull, and pulls an equal amount holding the system in equilibrium when producing, and cools when shut off.

    Wave Reactor 14.04

    Reactor is 68.15%* the cost of C4Commanodo's design
    Useless additional Info in Spoiler

    *not counting additional support blocks/wiring/etc

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. I had missed the fact that this was for non experimental designs.

    going to try this(reactorplanner) with IC2 build-2.0.316

    It broke,

    So did http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…rmfbaz49yjahwrmav2hc98jy8
    So my guess is, the Over Clocked Heat Exchangers values have changed.

    the second reactor did work, the components stopped taking damage after ~:200-340

    After Omicron's information from the below post,
    Is a stable design, even though RPv3 determines it will burn out after 4 minutes.

    +10 Internets to you!

    Specifically, we could probably narrow it down to the exact files... My guess being

    I might see if I can dig around in them later. My guess is an error in an expression.

    Now, the other idea is that maybe the new updates rendered the old reactor plannerv3 "bad"

    From what I understand, 4 Heat Exchangers Trade 4 heat each with the hull, and the two Advanced trade 8 each. or (4*4)+(8*2)= 32 heat. Dropping the one Heat Exchanger for a Component Heat Exchanger Gives it 28 Heat, now the 1:1 ratio with Adv Heat Exchangers and the Heat Exchangers is changed to 4:3. which isn't as clean as the 1:1 which would produce fluctuating numbers of heat in the hull, around 16-28.

    Ok I opened your reactor design and set the heat to....8,100 heat. I can take a guess at what is happening. the Heat Exchanger(HE) Is pulling 4 Heat from the core, and spreading it to the three adjacent Over Clocked Heat Vents(OCHV) the OCHV pulls 36 and vents 20. The excess heat from OCHVx(3)+HE is 52. Now a Component Heat Vent(CHV) cooling is 16 (irrc) meaning all nearby CHVs above and left are probably being used be the other OCHVs leaving one CHV dealing with 52 Heat. so the components are pulling the heat from the core. Dipping 32 in and being pulled out at the bottom right of the reactor. This causes the HE to retain the heat and burn out. While Displaying an Internal Temp of 32

    My guess is that 52-16 =36, 4 heat is being sucked out one of the other CHV and 32 is bouncing into the bottom right HE.

    Data Source(s)
    Alright, so: MOX reactor designs.

    Computer Cube and T.R.P. Tested

    The Aurora 200 "Copper Monster" XL Reactor v1
    The Aurora 200 "Copper Monster" XL Reactor v2
    Mark 1
    200 EU/T, 80M Total
    89.45% Profit (~8.5M EU "Waste")

    The design is considered "Feed and Forget". It can handle any kind of nuclear material you throw at it. Don't have Quad Plutonium? Replace the two Containment Reactor Plates with two additional Iridium Neutron Reflectors! The additional Reflector setup can handle everything from Quad Uranium to Dual Plutonium.

    Version 2 attempts to reduce resource cost and 4 unused cooling