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    I've been tampering with taking off a few of the hard mode recipes off of my server, and no matter what I do the server config reverts to default in the recipes section. Can you not change config in an already existing world? I got the change to stick client-side, but am still having no luck on the server. The proper recipe is now showing up on the server, but now the recipes that are changed by Gregtech will not allow themselves to be pulled out of crafting tables.

    I had posted this a few pages back and it got buried, so I figured I'd throw it out there again. I recently restarted my server to get RP and Xycraft world gen and since the new config file was released for Gregtech the config keeps resetting the hard mode recipes to true, although I've changed several of them to false multiple times now. If someone could please give me some insight on this I'd greatly appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

    Edit: Sorry for the double forum post. For whatever reason I decided to tinker with my configs one more time and it went through this time. Absolutely love this mod Greg! Keep it up! :D

    Edit....Alright so I got the recipe to revert back to normal but now it won't let me pull it out of a crafting table? This is getting very frustrating.

    I recently booted up my modded server for myself and a few friends, and for some reason it won't let me turn off the hard mode recipes. Everytime I change them in the config it just reverts back to default as soon as I reboot my Minecraft. If anyone could help me out concerning this matter I'd greatly appreciate it!

    My client flags a crash when I scroll over the IC2 shaped crafting tab in NEI while looking at the recipes that redstone is used in. It oddly enough only crashes when I try to access the recipes by going through redstone as well. Sorry if that was all worded awkwardly, I've never had to give a brief description of a crash using NEI before. ha