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    I can see these items in NEI, but when I click on them I can't see the recipe for them, and when I add the correct parts in the crafting table to craft them, the finished product won't show up. I can craft most Gregtech items, except for AESU, Lightningrod, Lesu, Lesu blocks and Charge-o-mat. Running Minecraft 1.5.2, forge 734, Gregtech 3.09g. Started from a new world. Anybody had these issues? If so, how did you fix them? I would really like to use especially the AESU.

    PLEASE hand this mod off to the public community as this was a REALLY good mod, and a lot of people would love to continue playing this. This mod was always a staple for me, but I update as fast as the community does, and I continued on. However, I have checked this page every day since the last time I could use it, hoping for some news, and I really miss it. Your ideas were very original and very fun, and your artwork was exceptional. I know if you don't have time for this mod, a lot of other people would. I hope you read this some day, and take appropriate action. Thank You

    This mod was VERY useful in the past, and I used it in every build up to 1.4.7. But being unable to use it past 1.4.7, prompted me to find a replacement. I found PowerCrystals Power Converters, (I actually used the old version of power converters alongside this mod), the updated version, and its the most useful power conversion mod I've found. The author also keeps it updated regularly. Thank you for your work on this mod in the past

    The latest build of Industrialcraft 2 is available at

    The latest build of Minecraft Forge is available at

    The latest build of Buildcraft is available at

    You might want to try Applied Energistics. Its the best inventory system I have found so far, and the developer is constantly updating it. It is hard to get going, but once you do, ALL of your inventory can be accessed from multiple places (where ever you run cable and put a access terminal).

    All of these mods work great with Minecraft 1.5.2. I have encountered very few bugs, and they are all a lot of fun.