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    Crash when updating to IC2 #789 when looking up advanced curcuit boards in NEI. using GT5u 5.09.09 crash report will be uploaded to gihub


    Effects IC2 Experimental 787+ due to the following addition:
    Added basic Fluid Canning Machine NEI Recipes. To be improved. (detail)

    Effects GT 5.08.32 and GT 5.09.09 equally.

    Here is the crash report with relevant stuff only: (looked up UU Matter Fabricator recipe, then Field Generator (IV) = crash, Circuit Boards = crash, doesnt matter -> anything that loads Integration crashes)

    Do the blocks themselves still remain, but just invisible? If so, please give the coordinates and angles it happens at, since that would mean invisible render chunks, and since it doesnt happen to everyone everywhere its likely an issue with the math that becomes noticeable at those coordinates.

    Happens everywhere. Double checked to make sure Optifine wasnt the cause by removing it from the instance, Still happened. It was rather hilarious and I found it amusing. And, yes, the blocks still remain, just the top portion of the tree is gone, theyre just invisible for some reason. Wasn't able to identify what option could influence it.

    This issue has to be fixed on Ex Nihilo Side, because unlike other people I DO check if there is another Recipe, before adding my Recipe. But Ex Nihilo doesn't, and if Ex Nihilo adds the Recipe after GregTech does, this will happen.

    Thanks a lot man! Will forward this along to Crowley.
    As always, thanks for everything.
    GregTech Master Race ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    Ran across a recipe conflict caused by GregTech & Ex Nihilo while beginning research into a 1.7 GT hardmode skyblock pack.
    Talked with AsieKierka who helped me track this down. Apparently Ex Nihilo is trying to register a Stone Brick -> Gravel recipe but GT already has a Stone Brick -> Sand recipe (or the other way around)

    Is this possible to work around in GregTech, or shall I contact Crowley for fix?

    GT 5.07.07
    IC2 2.2.660 **EDIT** Removed GT from instance to ensure it wasnt an IC2 issue. Bug only pops up with GT present.
    Ex Nihilo 1.37
    Crash Log:

    If this could be patched out it would be lovely, as my 1.6 GT skyblock is already so much fun, and I want to get people into 1.7.
    As always, thanks for your delicious work, Greg!