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    You wouldn't need GraviSuite's support. The flight is just creative flight.

    I know but I would want to use the same Items because I think that their crafting recipe is well balanced, thus why I would prefer not to create the same items just for "my addon" when I would just play with both active. My why of saying "why create the same item twice?"

    Hey SeNtiMeL I was wondering if you were planing any sort of integration to Mosular Power Suits, I mean your flight is In my opinion a lot better.

    Anyhow if you are going to please replay so I don't make the same thing :P

    Although mine would depend on both your addon and MPS to be loaded, I also would like to add a Vajar like functionality to the power tool, I guess I could make it but since you already have I don't know, like all the code I figured I might as well ask you first. Now if you think my idea is a bit too OP you are welcome to tell me :D (AKA: I'm open to suggestions)

    Can someone tell me IF this is not the right place for this question were I should post it(Links are preferable):

    Can someone in the IC2 development team add a something like Ijetpack() to the IC2 API that let's an item be used as a jetpack? Or the classes that correspond to the jetpack being able to fly to the IC2 API. The addon that I'm currently working on is basically an expansion to the amount of jetpacks in game. Now I don't want to use my own code because that would imply I need to add my own code to make an entity fly which would be really buggy and a bit hax at least at first. Plus that code is already working.

    I get the same error did u manage to fix it?