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    I used an electric wrench on a macerator and just after that I also dismantled an electric furnance and an extractor. After that I picked up an extractor and TWO macerators. (and ZERO electric furnances)
    So it seems that the electric furnance transformed to the second macerator.

    I also installed:
    buildcraft 2.2.12
    computercraft 1.21
    redpower 2.0pr4d

    I haven't had time to build a new electric furnance and to try to transform it again, but maybe I'll post again in the next few days.

    Hi guys :)
    There's a guy on the server which calls himself an admin: bjowner
    he (or a hacker...) spawned 3 stacks of cooked fish into my kitchen... WTf? ok no problem...
    then he layed dynamite and tnt
    he told me that there's an invisible hacker which does this... he was always there, where tnt spawned afterwards... his story can't be true, that he just followed the hacker, cause the tnt was not there yet, when he walked the way where he should have seen the tnt...
    after a while i put my most valuable things into a chest near spawn, NOT on the road with some signs:

    on the signs: "important sign: i just got griefed on this server, probably by an admin... if you still want to stay (on this server), then take my chest. bye guys"

    then i logged of. after 5min i logged in again. the sings were destroyed
    and the chest also. the stuff which was in the chest layed around.

    well, i really don't care if anyone cares about that. but i think it's more than fair to tell you, that u PROBABLY got a griefer-admin. of course it could also be an invisible hacker, but as i said, i really don't care ;)

    have a nice day! 8)