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    I can run every server (modded or vanilla) without any "lag" issue.
    But this time whenever Gregtech is added to the local server, the lag appears. I am not blaming the mod in anyway. It might just be my particular set up doesn't work with Gregtech, or there is some mod interaction issue that Gregtech 5 has.

    My system is running Windows 8.1 64-bit, i7 3630QM, 8GB ram and GTX660M
    It should have not problem handling modded Minecraft (especially if there is no big factories or lag producers).

    Notice I have no issue in single player world, it runs perfectly smooth. The problem only happens on running a local server. I was running the server on java 8 and I noticed that Java 8 does not accept the same arguments as before (the whole memory management is changed significantly). So now I am running Java 7 on my server. I either get the outOfMemory error or the server completely freezes by setting the PermSize to different values.

    Here is my modlist:
    Maybe someone can provide some insight, thanks

    I know, I am just curious what you guys use because I am having trouble for a local server I am setting up. The server is very laggy.
    Gregtech seems to use a lot of memory, whenever Gregtech is removed the server runs really smooth

    So I did the math, with macerator and a sifter, you get 0.54 diamonds and 1.4 diamond dusts. Which if you use implosion compressor to all dust into diamonds, you get 1.59 diamonds per ore.
    Is there a better way to do this?

    Also, is the lower left blue button useless right now because machines can't pass though electricity?

    And Greg, what is your vision with tools? Now if you put a diamond pickaxe head in a assembler with sticks it turns into a vanilla diamond pick.
    Also vanilla tools (and IC2 bronze pick) is better than your metapick because of their high durability and enchantability.
    Are you planning on disabling the vanilla ones?
    Will you be adding tool modifying system like Tinker's Construct?

    Last, which you probably discussed it somewhere in the thread.
    Why does the mod still needs IC2 as its dependency?

    I was talking about using a hammer, which drops the diamond item. Does fortune on a hammer not work?

    So before I get into HV machines I only get one diamond per ore?

    And why is it the case that fortune only works on naturally generated (small?) ores? This just makes harder testing.

    Grindiness have nothing to do with complexity. I think high complexity (require thoughts) should be signature of Gregtech not grindiness (requires repetitive work). That is why I should think there should be an alternative set of recipies for people who have less time but still want to progress in survival

    People say Gregtech is grindy because the machines in Gregtech require quite a lot more resources. So you are actually spending more time at doing repetitive stuff (mining for resources, processing the resources, crafting). But beyond that I agree that a lot of people like to have infrastructure set-up without any thinking (power loss, maximum current that cables can carry). You can see from a lot of people hating the changes in AE2.

    I personally think that there should be a set of alternate recipies for Gregtech, providing recipies that require less resources (maybe half?) and easier to craft (less steps)

    EDIT: Removed quote

    They generate in a 3x3 chunk square. They are height dependant in 1.7 and biome dependant in 1.6 If you want to know the height spawn for ores, check in the configs or in Beyond Reality's wiki, because they have good graphs for GT's Oregen in every Vanilla Dimension.

    Is it possible to have different spawning height per dimension? I want all the ores to spawn in the deep dark.

    The pump module is a cover for machines and pipes it even used in crafting recipes of machines conveyer belts are covers as well for items, all of the covers only require electricity on things thar accept electricity (so like you can't connect wires to pipes so they dont require it) and numbers for all of those machines are in the config file named recipes and Please Use NEI for more easy access to the numbers FALSE not all numbers are there.

    I searched 'pump' and 'cover' on NEI, got nothing from Gregtech.

    Can Gregtech pipes pull items/liquid out from inventories? Is there a cover which does it? I saw someone mentioning a pump module but I can't find it
    Also are there numbers (power consumption, processing time, steam intake, energy generating rate) for the machines in GregTech 5?