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    Well, I can confirm rolling back to 112_187 works fine as does build 205. Haven't tried the latest 1.113 build yet as the previous one I was working with liked to crash the server when it needed to interact with BC pipes :/

    Not really feeling brave enough yet to see if they fixed that yet :p

    And you're welcome Myrathi, I know how bad it looks to see the full stack trace in the post. And being a Java guy by day anyway, I see enough of them to know what the whole thing is :D

    Also, glad to know you were finally able to reproduce and work on a fix.

    Thanks for working on this great mod and I'm really looking forward to your EV pads now :)

    Hmm, unfortunately that didn't work. Still get the exception on startup. For the moment I think I am the only one on the server using the charge pads so it's not a huge problem for me and in fact I hope this is just some fluke with our server's set up (as much as I'd like it to be a bug you could fix for me in a patch you release tomorrow :p )

    At this point I'm tempted to just roll back IC2 and hope for the best (considering the warning spam for for unloaded machines that are attempting to draw power still fills my log files in this latest version)

    Any other thoughts on your end?

    And thanks for not just writing this off as "couldn't reproduce" :)

    AESU - Adjustable Energy Storage Unit. Think of it as an upgrade to the MFSU. Holds 100,000,000 (million) EU and discharges at a configurable EU/t. From 0 - 2048. Quite handy, albeit very expensive to build (something like a stack of diamonds worth of lapotron crystals....) Also accepts EV for input, which is nice.

    Yea, just went through a big upgrade on the server I admin. Updated IC2, Forestry, ExtraBees, and Unofficial Logistics Pipes (as well as ChickenBones core stuff), but those last 3 are all BuildCraft based. Updated other things in the previous days, but wasn't until this last upgrade that I got the API error from ChargePads and IC2.

    Fun part is the charge pad works fine, but it looses its inventory any time the server is reset so I have to run around replacing the upgrades. Everything else about it is fine. (Guess that's why it's a TileEntity, inventory :) )

    Only other thing I can think is I was running the 1.112_187 build of IC2 before upgrading and am running Forge build 495.

    I wonder if picking it up and replacing it may fix the problem as it will be a brand new TileEntity in the world with all the properties it should have with the API changes. i.e. A bug because it existed before the update?

    Love the mod, btw :)
    Only thing I've found "better" is the AESU from GregTech. Puts out something like 100K EU/s for charging. Perfect for my GraviChest plate :D

    Looks like the API changed on you with the latest 1.113_205-lf build of IC2

    They would and I do like the 1-chunk at a time the spot loaders do, I just would prefer to less of them to lessen the lag impact. Memory's not a problem, it's the amount of checks that have to be taken into account every tick. So if the machines aren't in a loaded chunk they're not adding to that list. Although it almost seems like they are in some sort of list to be checked given the WARNINGS :p

    You realize the error you're reporting has been reported at least ~10 times by now...
    It means the machines are in unloaded chunks, and therefore cannot emit energy, even though they want to.

    Ah, now that you mention it I do remember reading that before. Guess I just forgot to make the connection :)

    But on that topic, is there any reason I, as a server owner, need to see these warnings? What am I supposed to do about them? Go place chunk loaders around everyone's machines and add to the server load? I'd prefer an option to at least turn them off and save some log file space :)

    So I know people have been posting about the WARNING spam from certain IC2 machines (and Adv Machines) so I thought I'd crosspost this from the AdvMachines thread just FYI-like.

    And while we're on the topic of WARNING spam, running the 187 build I still get warnings from the transformer blocks, which leads me to believe it's related to my findings with the AdvMachines.
    Different warning, but still rather annoying to see show up every 30 seconds:

    In regards to the WARNING log spam about implements Energy, I realize it's the general consensus that this is an IC2 problem, but just thought I'd report some findings after I played around a bit.

    It seems related to energy packet size.

    Setting up any of the advanced machines (the Rotary Macerator especially) in a powerline running directly off HV (with 2 transformer upgrades each) does not cause the warnings at all. However, in this same set up, if you were to put an MV transformer in-line the warnings start going crazy in the logs. Go back to having just pure HV through the lines and the warnings stop.

    I also tried testing with an LV transformer off of an MFE & the same setup directly off of a batbox and got the warnings as well.
    So it would seem HV (512/t) is good, but anything lower is not.

    I can also confirm that using the 187 build of IC2 does fix the warning spam of the logs, however, I suspect it was just that the logging for that was turned off and the problem still remains.

    Not sure if this will be useful to anyone, but thought I would share :)

    The dense copper works fine for me in 2.75a, because I've just made some reflectors that need a bunch of copper dense plate..

    Edit: and also in ver. 2.75b, you might want to try them..

    Great, thanks. I'll give it a try. Didn't realize he had updated the file linked in his first post. (Would be nice if the Dropbox file was versioned in the filename :)

    Am I missing something in a config file or has 2.74c blocked the copper plate recipe? No one on our server can craft it anymore and it only started after we upgraded from 2.70c a few days ago. NEI shows the plate as existing, but no amount of copper ingots in a compressor (regardless of which ore dictionary copper is used) will produce a dense copper plate.

    (Edit: Tried with the 2.72c version as well and copper plates are working fine there.)


    (Also, is there any easier way to get some of the older versions to test with? e.g. 2.71 or .73 without searching for Gregorius' posts? I only see 2.72 as the old version in the previous version section at the beginning of the topic)