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    Damn straight I want, but I'm missing Electronic Circuits and I have just a bit over a stack of Si Plates :)

    I have 3 and a half stacks of Si Plates spare, but that probably has something to do with the fact I'm using Advance Solars rather then Compact Solars, I find Compact Solars to be way to expensive for what the are. I consider Advance Solars a bit more balanced as it requires higher technology to make rather then just a huge amount of more basic materials. So the only thing I really use Si for now is Advance Circuits.

    Speaking of circuits, with RP now up to date I run out of Redstone very quickly (probably thanks to Metallurge messing with its spawning, I run too many mods) but it would be nice to have some sort of alternate to using Redstone in circuits.

    if (mTickTimer%6==0&&(worldObj.isThundering()||(worldObj.isRaining()&>_Mod.Randomizer.nextInt(10)==0)))

    Does this mean that the lightning rod can work in normal rain as well, just at 10% efficiency?

    Effectively yes, that line says that there is a 10% chance that it will do the calculations for a lightning strike if it is raining, but its a little more completed then that:

    if (!worldObj.isThundering()&&yCoord+rodvalue<128) rodvalue=0;

    This basically says that the top of the lightning Rod has to be higher then 128 blocks high in order for there to be a chance that lightning will strike when it is just raining, beyond that the probability remains the same.

    So in short, if the top of your lightning rod is above the 128 block point then you are you will get 1 in every 10 strikes that you would normally get if it was thundering.

    Infact according to calculation, you have the best chance of having a lightning strike if your rod extends from bed rock to the world ceiling.

    Cool thanks, was only expecting a yes no answer if I got one :)

    So if I read that right it calculates every 256th tick and if at that point it is ether thundering or raining. So a charged dimension doesn't help which is a shame but it makes for a cool dimension to have a lightning farm in anyway. Thanks for the reply, time to build the charge-o-mat and the system to move the energy to the overworld so it can power my Matter Fabricator to aid in the production of Redstone to Aid in the production of chrome to build the fusion reactor that will render the lighting farm pointless ^^

    Can I ask a question about the Lightning Rod, I would like to know how the probability of getting a lightning strike is calculated, mostly whether the probably is calculated on a lightning strike or just all the time during a thunderstorm. I ask because I've setup a lighting Rod in a Mystcraft age with both Eternal Storm and Charged on it, meaning there is almost consent lightning. Just wondering how much more effective than having it in the overworld it should be (it's going to be more effective anyway just by the nature of the Eternal Storm).

    I have another question as well but it's more general IC2, does a HV-Transformer converting down 2048 to 512 convert every packet it receives, or does it have an internal buffer of 2048EU which it can only purge once per tick (if it's the latter it explains why my Lighting Rod is only outputting on one side atm).

    Oh just thought of another question, is there any penalty for having more then one lightning Rod in the same area / chunk?