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    Or just remove/retool scatter shot

    As it sets the scattershot is a greiving wet dream. All the destructive capability of TNT without the total destruction that it gives. Leaving a good 1/3 of the destroyed area left behind for someone to clean up.

    Glass Fiber cable, it's the be all, end all, solution for all power needs. It has the lowest loss per block of any usable cable. It also needs diamonds so it can be made. This makes it an infuriating necessity for any industrial setup with any "long distance". Is there any possibility of their being some form of ULV batbox equiv or a ULV transformer in the works?

    As for all the naysayers stating that tin cables would be abused, help me/you/us find a solution. Bottom line, long distance power transfer needs to be a possibility without the use of GFC.