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    thanks! :D it's just as i thought

    but does anyone use both mods at once? or that's just redundant? maybe someone can give me a few reasons why they like MFFS over Immibis's? or Immibis's over MFFS? ;]

    i've installed both and probably gonna have to do some "testing" to find out which one is for me ^^

    i might be asking a captain obvious question, but could someone tell me in short the history of this mod in comparison to Immibis mod? they both do very similar things, so was it that someone stopped updating one mod and someone else picked it up? and by the time the original author came back the spin off mod had a life of it's own? or this is just two people having exactly the same idea for a mod? why i am asking this really is because a long time ago i used immibis's, then MFFS as a replacement, but now both are up to date and i do not know which one to pick, especially when i havent used them very extensively, so i cant compare them objectively. or can they both be installed at the same time? but i dont think that's a good idea... then again what do i know... can anyone give some advice?