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    Somewhere between 1% and 25% of them of them are eating popcorn, sitting back in their chair/sofa/whatever, and waiting for a few minutes to reload the page, and see the next n00bish rant-post. an unknown small percentage of them are also doing the same, just without popcorn. The rest are posting and/or looking for updates/bugs/etc.

    I wish I had popcorn :D
    Also we've got 92 now :D
    Edit: 95

    Edit Edit: HOLY CRAP 101

    Get back to the FTB forums where you can dwell in your ignorance.

    On the topic of Tinker's Construct:
    I've wanted to remove it from my server for ages now, as I plain and simple don't like it. I miss vanilla enchanting, one of the many aspects of minecraft that it completely removes. I've had to keep it because some of the other players like it. I can perhaps use this arse move from mDiyo to get rid of it.

    mDiyo is frankly a bit of a twit from what I've seen.

    Edit: It seems RG is actually reading this thread. Let's see what he thinks.

    Are you sure its not just wrongly set up? Also, Errorlog (and GT-log) if there is one, please.

    Nothing in the Forge log, and I can't seem to find the GT log on the server. This is the probably not helpful client GT log:

    And yes it is set up correctly, I have all of my other GT machines set up the same, and they work fine. Using IC2 374, GT 3.10d

    Auto output doesn't seem to be working for the Lathe. It will not output into a small electric buffer at all.

    Also, the ghost image for the rod in the lathe is too wide, making it look ugly when a rod is over it. Also, as it can't actually produce any large piles of dust, wouldn't a ghost small pile make more sense for the second slot?