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    As of low energy fuel consumption i mean directly pumping BC energy from BC engines to your Petrochemical Generator which is more fancy method then making a lava in eg. Thermal Expansion's Magma Crucible and then burning it in Geothermal Generator. But balance should be preserved in 2 conditions : 1. setting up low EU rate from default 16EU to 5 EU/t. 2. setting geothermal generator also to 5 EU/t from 20 EU/t.
    Electrical engines will be great then after reducing amount of EU need from 8 to 4 per 1 BC. It will be nice inneficency coz of second law of thermodynamics :), but electrical engines should be used in non constant working situations in my opinion unless we have too much uranium or other crazy stuff from GregTech. We have so much BC liquid fuels now , (Plugins for Forestry), and i think that with that rates Petrochemical Generator is solution to transfer all that crazy liquids energy to EU. :) And better option is making from lava something worthy instead of making energy like TE liquiducts, copper, eletrum, tin from GT industrial centrifuge so nerf lava :)

    Only pain is biofuel which is entangled to fuel :)

    Sry for my bad english again .


    oh, i have tweaked forestry config again in sugar canes consumption and fermener ate 34 canes now and burn 23 000 MJ for one biomass can (50000 MJ ) so its much better now with net 27000 MJ :) I think that config doesnt like too small values, changed from 10 to 30 and ate 34 canes now. Problem Solved 8)

    Hello, could You nerf biofuel ratio? In standard config that rates is : 128000 EU which is 4 times more then forestry biogenerator. I tried to nerf sugar canes in fermenter in forestry config and all i did is 18 sugar canes to one biomass x 3.3 = 60 sugar canes = one biofuel = 128 000 EU (over 2000 EU from one sugar cane) which is a bit OP. I dont know , maybe transfer Biofuel to low energy fuel would be better option? Because it's impossible to nerf biofuel without fuel in config .

    I tried some other mods with some hidden crossover capabilities (Thermal Expansion - Lava production with BC energy - one bucket of lava costs 20000 MJ - the same is in Buildcraft APS) so in my opinion best way to balance of all is : set Petrochemical Generator to hi power 20 EU/t (160 000 Eu /bucket fuel, set low power to 5 EU/t from 16 EU/t AND most important greatly nerf Geothermal Generator from 20 EU to 5 EU/t in ic2 config option. So lets calc: one fuel bucket can produce 30 lava buckets (20000 MJ * 30 buckets = 600000 MJ = 1 fuel) and 30 buckets of lava * 5 EU = 150 000 EU , so almost the same like petrochemical generator low value fuel to 5 EU (160 000 EU). that math fits perfectly for ALL BC engines from my observations. But nerfing of Biofuel would be very nice in this math to its 50% value ( from 20 EU/t one bucket of biofuel gave 80000 EU so 50% would gave 40000 EU. Ofc that only my humble opinion.

    Sorry for my terrible english. BTW , Your mod is awesome. Best of all crossovers.