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    To Herobrine_Exodus: Those three elements are not fissile through neutron bombardment. Some of those could amplify the amount of EU (maybe?) produced by a nuclear reactor, but as far as using them for EU? No, no. The only three elements that we can split through neutron bombardment are plutonium, thorium, and uranium. Greg has already implemented all three of those as far as I know. (lol)

    Ore Suggestion Topic: You can hold uranium ingots in your hand...Might be a bit warm if it's enriched, but the ore/unnenriched shouldn't do any harm. The solution to this would be to add Radium to the game. It would add radioactivity to the ores. You would get the ore block and that would be radioactive. Putting it in a centrifuge would produce Radium, Uranium, and Thorium. Radium would be a junk product, but it would be useful for fusion recipes. It would be pretty hard to get rid of and keep. That lead box idea is pretty dang cool too Spwnx.

    How does the HAZMAT suit thing make sense? Nothing besides radium is dangerously radioactive in those specific types of ore deposits. Uranium and Thorium can be held in the hand and you wouldn't develop problems for a VERY long time while being around the element for a sustained time. I think being around nuclear reactors should require HAZMAT suits, not the ore itself. Plutonium shouldn't be able to be produced via grinding. You get plutonium by centrifuging uranium as the MAIN source in RL. I don't know about the other small occurrences at the moment.

    Adding to the drops from "the ore", it should have way more thorium in it. Thorium is much more abundant via ores/mining (no getting uranium from the sea :( in Gregtech...YET!) in RL. Onto the reason I want this to be it's own ore. Rarity. Diamond is only a bit rarer than uranium, but thorium should be found near the surface/much more available. Maybe we could have it generate in deserts or something?

    I have been getting up to date on MFFS and it has gotten some SERIOUS updates. I am so happy for that mod. One of the changes is is that it removes Monazit Ore. That means we have no Monazite/Monazit Ore available for Thorium extraction. That also means that if you add it, you have no competition. :) What do you think of my suggestion, you didn't say anything? Was it bad?

    The problem with that is a few reasons. 1. The name is wrong. MFFS is Monazit and in RL it is Monazite. (small complaint) 2. It results in Forcicium too...what is that supposed to be? I'm telling you, MFFS should use IC2 power! This forcicium nonsense is weird. 3. It only results in that small amount of thorium. It should result in Silicon, Helium AND Thorium. 4. Monazite is found in placer deposits. Should be found in deserts most often and in the ground a bit too. 5. That is a different mod. Not everyone uses MFFS. I consider it to be a bit OP. Kill everything inside the force field? Can withstand the force of any amount of nukes and explosions? I refuse that.

    Question: How rare is Monazit anyway? I'd like to know in case this never is implemented. In RL Thorium is around as common as tin, so Monazite should be just a tad rarer than tin.

    I have an idea. I was inspired by an earlier comment for an Antimatter Reactor. Except this would add a whole new liquid/item. Antimatter. You could create antimatter in almost the same way as UU-Matter. With both of them you can combine them which will generate way more EU than you spent making the antimatter and the UU. The reactor would be a multi-block design. It would be like the iron tank from railcraft or the industrial blast furnace. Except this would be a bit bigger and be much much much more expensive.