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    Ok so first off I would like to introduce a new add-on that may eventually merge with or get included in the FTB launcher.I have some ideas and I am programming it as fast and best I can but I do not expect it to be done as Im still coding The items and blocks that will be in Alpha.However I would like for you all reading this to look into this add-on as a "work of art".I may do better than I expect because my dad has been programming for about 20 years total now and some may have rubbed off on Well, anyways Ill just like to show you My starting ideas.-Bbrot

    I have coame up with all of these ideasand may have been inspired by others' work but this is completly fresh and origional.I would honestly appreciate it if you readers would kindly return the favor to me and to others, so as to not copy/illegally steal others' work.