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    Direwolf V4
    Msytcraft* and EE3 Enabled!!!

    Hello all! We have converted our Tekkit server completely into a FTB server! We started out using FTB Beta then switched to Direwolf20 with Bukkit once that came out. The server has a dedicated business line along with a Hexcore and 16gb RAM. We boast to have virtually NO LAG. Do a /debug clock if you don't believe us!

    We tweaked Mystcraft to minimize server lag. We are one of the few servers that run mystcraft and also have the computer that can handle it more than others.

    We DO NOT ask for donations. Ranks are given based on Merit! The server is for the people!

    Reply using the Application below to get whitelisted today!

    Come Join us! We have a Professional Staff, Website and a starts of a Youtube site.

    Use Direwolf20 Version 4


    Download FTB Mod Launcher to play here


    FTB Server Listing:

    Banned Mods:
    Portal Gun (Creates Lag)

    Banned Items:
    Nukes (Obvious Reasons)
    Mining Laser (Grief through Worldguard)
    Canvas Bags (Dupes items)

    Restricted Items:
    Shard of Minium (You can only purchase these at trade-o-mats. This is to cut down on EE's OP nature)

    Be polite
    Respect the laws of physics
    Do not hack, cheat or x-ray
    PVP is allowed
    Stealing is allowed
    Griefing is allowed (You can claim chunks - antigrief)
    most importantly...HAVE FUN!

    /sethome and /home

    Since forge/bukkit is in alpha there aren't many plugins that work 100%.
    We plan on having the following when they get it working
    -Towny or Factions (whichever works first)
    -Mob Arena

    In Game Name:
    PVP or PVE?
    FTB Experience:

    *Mystcraft is a perk given to trustworthy people. There are no set guidelines on how to obtain it. Perks are given to people who go above and beyond to promote and maintain the well being of the server.